Friday, October 28, 2005

You Belong in Paris

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Absolutely! Nothing like a crossiant for breakfast, good cheese for brunch and an afternoon stroll through the museum to get a girl going. Finish the day off with window shopping and a possible flirt-fest with some incredibly handsome Frenchman and well, who could ask for more? LOL. Wait, I forgot the yarn and quilt shops. Sans le chat, of course. (Sure hope I've remembered my French correctly...I am not a cat person)

J, E and I went to the favorite quilt shop yesterday. I needed to get out no matter how tired I was. The trip did me good. My quilting muse has returned and I have scads of ideas floating for quilts now. Plus some new fabric was added to the stash. I hope I'll feel up to working on something this evening.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

MIA, again. Maybe I should just give up blogging for the immediate future? No, probably not. What would I do with my considerable wit, wisdom and the ever-present need for some soapbox shouting? Oh yeah, I'm just that funny today.

The doctor believes I do indeed have fibromyalgia (sp?). I have to say I am not surprised in the least given how stressful my life has been for the past nearly 8 yrs, how little I really sleep, how out of wack my thyroid has been for most of those years. I am, however, finding it hard to be encouraged right now. My hands are rarely, if ever, still. Grandma always said busy hands were happy hands or something like that. I'm always doing something: writing, knitting, sewing, quilting...something. Until lately. Now, some days, just sitting up takes way more energy than I have. Holding a book can be unbelievably painful. Noise of any sort can drive me up the wall, light can make me cringe. Sleep is something I find myself doing upwards of 16 hours a day this week. Migraines are hell but at least the medicine he prescribed for them works wonders. The Lexapro is working somewhat...I am much less achy than I was a week ago but I am still far from feeling like myself. Self-pity is something I would like to think I do not do, period. Time will tell, I'm sure.

I did manage to work on E's Laura Ingalls costume. The dress only needs buttons, buttonholes, elastic in the wrists and a hem. The bonnet is DONE. Thank you, God!! That thing was a royal pain in the tush. Probably because I wanted to rush through things while I felt I could and misread the directions. D'oh!

And I wrapped my aching little mitts around Anne Bartlett's Knitting, thanks to J for finding it on the library shelves for me Monday during Storytime. Definitely a novel for any knitter who has been touched by another knitter but I doubt I would read it a second time. While reading it, I found myself thinking of all the knitters I "know" in blogland and how they touch me daily with their WIPS, FOs, wit, trials and joys. And how blessed I am to be able to connect with them, to call a few of them my friends, how inspired I am by their works whether they be FOs or heading to the frog pond. Thanks fellow knit-bloggers. ;o)

J fixed dinner not once but twice this week on her own! Yesterday was E's 6th bday. (Oy, do I feel OLD now) and J, being both the darling firstborn and adoring big sis volunteered, sorta, to fix E's requested taco dinner for me. I heard it was yummy...sure smelled delish but the thought of meat just turned my stomach. Pics of the bday girl will come at some point...then and nows? Maybe not since I am the c-section queen. We'll see.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More waiting

Seems like I've spent a lifetime waiting. Waiting for phone calls, mail, in waiting rooms and lobbies. Just waiting. Today, I went prepared despite the rather severe pain zinging through every joint in my body. A wee baby sweater in progress jumped into my prized Liz Claiborne bag and jumped back out at the doctor's office. Sure am glad I let it tag along for that 30+minutes spent waiting. And I'm not whining about the wait. I know Dr C took extra time with the patient before me and then took extra time with ME, thanks to my handy list of complaints.

After an exam and several vials of blood, he reached the notion that I may be suffering from fibromyalgia, rhuematoid arthritis or another form of arthritis or possibly sleep apnea. None of these are welcome news at all. I was really hoping he'd come up with something I hadn't thought of and therefore had not already researched a bit. I cannot see a sleep apnea problem causing this much joint pain, muscle aches and the headaches. Trying very hard to just be patient and wait for the test results before allowing myself to get too worked up. Fibromyalgia or arthritis at this place in my life terrify me. 5.5 yrs I've been the fulltime caregiver to not only the kidlets but the Hubster too. Finally, he's at a semi-stable, up and about point and now I'm going down? Just does not seem fair at all. The kidlets are all at least semi-independent of me( all are capable of pb&j, toast and cheese sandwiches, can dress themselves and amuse themselves or each other)...we should be enjoying the mobility that comes with this stage of their lives.

I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. No sense in getting upset with things I cannot control just yet. I am going to focus on getting as much rest as I can, eating better (ha!) and try to listen to my body more. As always, I welcome comments, encouragement and links to info, especially health/natural therapies. For now, I'm off to bed after my dose of Lexapro and maybe some tylenol. Lexapro is the new med Dr C wants me to try...he says it can help relax the muscles and possibly help me sleep a wee bit better. After 3 nights in a week of waking up at 2 or 3 in severe pain, I'll try almost anything. Keep your fingers knitting so I may get a fiber high through you...if you don't knit, then do something and enjoy the painFREE movement.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I seem to be MIA lately. Make that TIA(tired in action). Seems I am just butt-dragging exhausted all the time. Thankfully, I will be spending part of the afternoon tomorrow at the doctor's for my annual physical. Not that physical...just a regular one with my thyroid panel. Yippee! However, I hate dealing with the nurse at this office. I always have the feeling that the minute I'm out the door, she's talking about me. Not that I really care, I just would prefer my medical problems stay private. Silly hang-up I have.

Not much knitting going on these days. Nor much sewing. It has taken me an entire day to cut out E's "Laura Ingalls" costume and another entire day just to get 1/3 of the bonnet done. Definitely not my MO when it comes to sewing, even when I had a houseful of toddlers and a nursing baby. Oh well. It WILL be done and she'll have plenty of room in it for several years playing.

Witty is on strike. Humor is on strike. Writing this tiny, two paragraph post has taken me well over 30 minutes. Quick, pipe me some chocolate, some yarn porn, a quilt magazine and maybe I'll snap out of it. Or maybe I need a road trip to visit my blogging friends...I could knitknap them along the way until we arrive at ??? Any volunteers?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hey, Jan! I'm calling you....

This is for my "twin sister born to other parents in another state during another year", Jan I sure hope she sees this and knows I'm thinking of her...and wondering what kind of sock she is. Jane, you too!Super long sock
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What type of sock are you?
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Saturday, October 08, 2005

D'oh, I forgot something!

Is anyone else disturbed by this picture? Every time it appears on whatever news channel Hubster is watching, I want to barf. While I do not know much about Harriet Miers (I am working on it!), this shot just looks like a lovesick school girl drooling over the quarterback of the football team. You know the girl, shy, quiet and while not ugly, isn't going to be homecoming queen. Yet she lusts for him with every ounce of her being but he will only look at her if she will give him what he wants...the dirty deed. Ms. Miers, I fear you will be giving old Georgy boy exactly what he wants: another fall guy. And in the time between your confirmation and the discovery of whatever evil deed has been done, you will get the reaming of your life. In every way possible, just like the rest of America. I hope you are prepared for that.

And personally, I hope she isn't confirmed. I believe that a Supreme Court Justice should have bench experience. A lot of it in everything from family law and juvie court to criminal. They should be fearless, bold and have a hobby that isn't golf or stamp collecting. Nothing wrong with either, they just rub me the wrong way. They should have a skeleton or two in the closet. Nothing major: no murders, drug habits or the like. Maybe a gay son or lesbian sister like ol' Newt. Not that I like him, I happen to think he is a moron. I just get a kick out of his sister being homosexual. And not that I think it's funny. Just that some morally high-horsed folks get the public dressing-down they so richly deserve.

Ok, having gotten all this off my chest, maybe it was not motherhood bugging me today. It is the direction this country is going. So blindly following the loudest pipers as if they are infallible. It saddens me greatly as the granddaughter, daughter and wife of vets to see people afraid to speak up. If we do not use our freedom of speech, and the rest of our freedoms, someday they will be gone. DEMOCRACY is for the people, by the people, not one person ruling with an iron fist. That my friends is a dictatorship. Do not be fools and think it cannot happen here in America. It's time to stomp loudly and carry BIG clubs.

Don't want to be a mother today

My surrogate mother always laughs when at the end of a rough mothering day, I tell her: "Teens are the reason wild animals eat their young". Raising kids is like trying to nail jell-o to a tree (Erma Bombeck maybe?) and this mama is tired of trying that trick today. R threw a fit about having to come home from a friend's house, J's pouting because I would not let her bid on some game system on ebay. Hey, J...a hint since I know you read this from time to time: You hardly ever play those games so why would I let you invest more money into one? I hate having to say no, but it is part of my job as Ruler of the Household, Mother and Domestic Goddess.

Hubster has been in a mood all day too. I swear, the one day I PLAN to do nothing but sew, he pulls this stuff. Never fails. I cleaned the house, did a ton of laundry up, fixed E breakfast, lunch and dinner, took a small nap and managed to knit some only to frog it all this evening. Can anyone tell me which Elizabeth Zimmermann book has the EZ baby sweater of knitalong fame? I checked out two EZ books from the library but neither has what I think I'm looking for. I detest seaming in knitting and really want to knit up a few more baby sweaters for my charity box this month yet. Top-down, quick and easy...links anyone? I've done two versions of the 5hbs and well, it's ok but not exactly mindless for me. I know, I'm whiny tonight. I think I'll soak in the tub and hope everyone leaves me alone for 45 mins.

Friday, October 07, 2005

I've fallen off the blog wagon a bit. Used to be, I could find pages of things to blab about but lately, I am so utterly exhausted, just checking the scant email is a chore. The allergy issue has been raised and discussed multiple times and very well may be valid but I think it is something else. My thyroid problem has never seemed to be helped by the meds. New problems are arising, symptoms that alone, one by one, would seem like nothing but seem like something to me. Achy joints and muscles, headaches, feeling foggy and forgetful. The kidlets tease it is because I am aging. Sure, they can joke about it. After all, if I turn out to be a nasty, mean-spirited old woman, they get to pick my nursing home. I'm not finding any humor in needing two naps to get through the day. Or tylenol to move about to accomplish a few measly rows of knitting. And I do mean measly.

Enough whine for now....we're outta cheese here at Chez J. Yes, I love my rubber ducky. I collect the things. I am trying to convince Hubster to allow me to get personalized license plates with something "DUCK" on them. He's not amused in the least. Evidently, he thinks I should ask for "HOTTIE" because we all know love is blind. Personally, I think he needs to have his head examined and inquire about a head transplant. Hubster: have I said "I HEART YOU" lately?

I did get my entry in for Jane's show me your sock contest via email and a webshots photo album. Pstt, Jane. I'm partial to the Lorna's Laces Black Purl. Wink, wink. The cooler weather has given me two days to wear brand-new handknit socks: Seaweed and River Rapids. I see River Rapids in my future again, in grey.

Good night all.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Shameless fabric hussy

Miss E and I hit Joann's tonight. The intended purpose was to find fabric for a Barbie doll tote bag and a Barbie Tent for her upcoming 6th birthday. As you can see, I'm a shameless fabric hussy. I have absolutely NO willpower when it comes to fabric. I am bound and determined to be the winner of the biggest stash contest. Ya know, the one no one wins until they die?! We left the store with fabric for 2 Barbie doll tote bags, a Barbie tent, a crib size quilt top, cotton quilt batting, needles, ribbon, one pattern (like I need more?) and the fabric for the dress and bonnet shown.
Top pic is going to be Miss E's Halloween costume. Every year since she could walk well, she has gone outfitted in a costume crafted by moi. Sick, ain't it? One year she was a duck and one year she was a bumblebee. This year, almost the entire year, she's wanted to be Laura Ingalls. Not go as but BE. Dress-up is a big deal around this house so a few hours of sewing will be well spent. The lady at Joann's asked Miss E to come back DRESSED IN HER COSTUME! Plus, I know she'll want to take it on vacation next summer to show Gram. Yes, I am making the complete outfit and am adding bloomers because she asked for them. Thankfully, she has not thought about Laura wearing shoes that buttoned up. Whew!

On tomorrow's agenda: photo shoot of my socks. Jane has a contest going for show me your socks. Like I need an excuse to show off, brag and all that? Not really but it's something fun to do that isn't about the amounts, styles or how well we did. After that, I'll be working on finishing a quilt for the Hubster if the insulation dudes aren't in my way. We'll see.

Monday, October 03, 2005

DUH! Guess I can't decide to add a pic in the middle of a post as an afterthought until I learn more about blogger. Here's one of my favorite, non-people pics from our summer vacation. Old Mackinac Lighthouse, LP, MI. Can't remember for sure if the town is also named Old Mackinac but it was quaint.

Coupon Queen Strikes

For a while, I was rabid about couponing. Especially if I could couple the coupon with a sale...especially if I could hit Giant Eagle (they double!) on a great sale. Then Hubster got pretty sick and my focus was getting the girls and I to and from Michigan for vacation and getting him on the road to recovery. Now that both things have occurred, I decided I should really try to get back on track with couponing. I need to hook up with my trading gal-pals and see if they want me to join back in or what. But until I get around to that, the local Sunday batch of TP will have to do. And do nicely it did today. Kmart has one of their 10/$10 sales going on, plus real tp and 'girlie' needs are on sale. Of course, I only bought what I had coupons for...that's the only way to make it work. So at the check-out, we are greeted by two very nice, polite, younger than me gals who immediately see my stack of coupons. A bit of chit-chat while they scan my hordes of stuff. A man gets in line behind us with only sale bottled water and something else. He joins in the chitchat and keeps praising my savings of over $20. I bet he never clipped a coupon in his life yet he was kind enough to say how awesome it was I could save so much. I'm happy. My closet is now full of good tp (I won't have to head south to raid Jim's so-called stash.), all the stuff girls need for several months, the mutt has food, the kidlets have's all good.

I also managed to work more on machine quilting Hubster's Christmas gift. I am very disappointed in how the backing is puckering but it's my own damn fault for not basting the hell out of it before starting. I rebasted what I could this afternoon and think the rest of it should be better. Yes, I could be a real glutton for punishment and rip all that work out, rebaste the entire thing and go from there but honestly, I could care less. This project is less about the gift and more about the practice.. And in all honesty, he either will not notice or will not mention it because he lives in fear of the women in his life wielding needles, rotary cutters and the like. Three generations he deals with regularly are fiber/textile possessed so it's a good thing to live with a little fear.

Am trying to figure out this add image feature on blogger. IF, for some odd reason a picture appears in this post, it is the Old Mackinac Lighthouse, LP, MI. It was so beautiful. We were very tired by the time we got to see it so we did not get to take it in as much as maybe we should have. If no picture appears, I'll try again later.