Monday, October 03, 2005

Coupon Queen Strikes

For a while, I was rabid about couponing. Especially if I could couple the coupon with a sale...especially if I could hit Giant Eagle (they double!) on a great sale. Then Hubster got pretty sick and my focus was getting the girls and I to and from Michigan for vacation and getting him on the road to recovery. Now that both things have occurred, I decided I should really try to get back on track with couponing. I need to hook up with my trading gal-pals and see if they want me to join back in or what. But until I get around to that, the local Sunday batch of TP will have to do. And do nicely it did today. Kmart has one of their 10/$10 sales going on, plus real tp and 'girlie' needs are on sale. Of course, I only bought what I had coupons for...that's the only way to make it work. So at the check-out, we are greeted by two very nice, polite, younger than me gals who immediately see my stack of coupons. A bit of chit-chat while they scan my hordes of stuff. A man gets in line behind us with only sale bottled water and something else. He joins in the chitchat and keeps praising my savings of over $20. I bet he never clipped a coupon in his life yet he was kind enough to say how awesome it was I could save so much. I'm happy. My closet is now full of good tp (I won't have to head south to raid Jim's so-called stash.), all the stuff girls need for several months, the mutt has food, the kidlets have's all good.

I also managed to work more on machine quilting Hubster's Christmas gift. I am very disappointed in how the backing is puckering but it's my own damn fault for not basting the hell out of it before starting. I rebasted what I could this afternoon and think the rest of it should be better. Yes, I could be a real glutton for punishment and rip all that work out, rebaste the entire thing and go from there but honestly, I could care less. This project is less about the gift and more about the practice.. And in all honesty, he either will not notice or will not mention it because he lives in fear of the women in his life wielding needles, rotary cutters and the like. Three generations he deals with regularly are fiber/textile possessed so it's a good thing to live with a little fear.

Am trying to figure out this add image feature on blogger. IF, for some odd reason a picture appears in this post, it is the Old Mackinac Lighthouse, LP, MI. It was so beautiful. We were very tired by the time we got to see it so we did not get to take it in as much as maybe we should have. If no picture appears, I'll try again later.


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