Saturday, September 24, 2005

Someone just shoot me already!

Last night, I sat down and wrote this wonderfully witty post about in-laws, Rita's Wrath, Dubbya having pissed off God and Mother Nature, etc only to accidently close it out while previewing the damn thing. Shoot me already! It will take me longer than I thought to get the hang of blogger. Oh, well! DSL should be up and running by next weekend unless someone hits my "moron" switch again.

MIL has spent several nights in the hospital which no one thought to tell us until last night. She's coming home tomorrow supposedly. That is good news. The in-laws (Hubster's siblings) are such asses at times. I swear they do this stuff just to get back at me for things. Paranoid? Maybe. Tired of their bull-shit? Definitely.

Took a quilt top over to A.N.'s to sandwich because she has such lovely hardwood, CLEAN floors to work with but did not take enough pins. Luckily, it isn't an issue to leave it spread out there like it is here so I'll head back in the morning to finish it up. Someday, I WILL have a house with hardwood floors again and room to walk around a piece while I'm working on it.

Knitting front has semi-stalled. I cast on last week for the Bird's Nest shawl from the Folk Shawls book. Several reasons for this project: I wanted a longer rectangle wrap for myself and for some odd reason, thought some lace work would be fun. Let's blame Jane for that one. She always has such beautiful work posted on her blog and it inspires me. I want to be that knitter, ya know? The BNS has me flustered for a bit. Just one stinking row that would not come out right, no matter how many times I'd tink it. Finally, I said hell with this, I'm adding a few rows of stockinette there! And presto! the problem seems to have been fixed. I fear it will end up being shorter height-wise than I planned due to a possible yarn shortage but I can live with that. I just don't want to order more yarn at this point. :::gaso:::

Other knitting news: Miss E's cardi is headed to the pond. I foolishly thought I could take a raglan cardi pattern and eliminate the side seams (bottom-up). Something is off somewhere, either the row gauge or my counting because the sleeve will NOT fit into the hole. I'm tired of trying to guessimate a fix for it and she said "I'd rather have a pullover." so rippit we shall do! Going to try a pattern generated here: Knitting Fool and see if my count has improved at all. I seem to have problems counting gauge sts and rows for some odd reason. My eyes play switcharoo on me and I get confused oh so easily.


Anonymous Emily said...

DSL? Lucky booger! :p Thanks for the Quickie Sweater & Knitting Fool links.

9/25/2005 1:02 PM  

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