Friday, May 14, 2004

Time has been getting away from me the past few weeks. First all the yard work, then the knitting machine needed a new sponge bar and wouldn't ya know it...I bent about 10 needles before I realized I had not put the new one in properly. So I'm stuck working on smaller projects(no afghans) until I can order new needles...I moved the bent ones to the far end, but still.

The kids and I have planted 120 flowers(annuals) around the house and existing beds. Whew! They'll look nice when they 'plump' up. Made our own flower boxes, hanging baskets and pots for the porches...not as many as I wanted, but had to stop spending money on them and move on with other things. The garden spot is to be dug up tomorrow, weather permitting. Stevie's coming with his backhoe to dig up old,nasty hedges along the east property line and said he'd dig it up for me. Have several tomato plants ready to plant, green bean and corn seeds along with things I hope have decided to start in the starter flats. Praying we have a great harvest and that I can keep up with it all.

Still reading America's Women...overdue but I'll pay the fines and finish the book. I hate that I forget to renew them online then it's too late...can't do it unless I GO into the library. Such a pain sometimes.

Well, guess I'll try some more booties on the machine. 2 pairs today...finally think I've figured out how to close up the holes when I'm done short-rowing. We'll see with pair #3.


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