Monday, April 26, 2004

Today started off so gloomy, dark and damp but by late afternoon it was sunny enough to mow Aunt Nan's yard. Worked on a machine knit baby sweater, one sleeve and edging left to finish then it goes into the stash box. R read a chapter of Frindle to me this morning after finishing her spelling. J worked on her spelling/voc and math. She's reading an Elizabeth book. R amazed her daddy at dinner with her synopsis of Frindle....Her comprehension and retention has improved so much. E slept until nearly 11 and was a grump all afternoon long. Early bath and bed for her, I hope tonight. I am working on reading Book Lust by Nancy Pearl,a must have for book lovers everywhere, and America's Women (400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates and Heroines) by Gail Collins. If you think you know the history of women in America, read this. I've only read a bit of it and am amazed with what public school AND some private college did not teach me as a woman. I recently finished reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, after I'd read The Da Vinci Code.Normally, I'd steer clear of any mystery beyond Trixie Belden, but Mom sent me a copy of TDVC and I was hooked! Angels and Demons reminded me why I want to see Italy and The Vatican before I die...all those amazing fountains, sculptures and the Sistine Chapel!

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