Saturday, May 01, 2004

Grocery day at last! Did really well...bought enough hamburg for the month, along with some steaks(one meal), smoked sausage links for the grill, chicken nuggets and the usual stuff...$109.75. Still have to get Cheerios, sugar, flour and vegatiarian hamburg crumbles for J, but that's ok.

SUNNY...high near 80, I think, and very humid. Supposed to rain all day tomorrow....first day of Sandlot Soccer, so of course it will just pour down. R is looking forward to it, so will try to act excited for her. I just don't get soccer...never did. Oh well.

Got 4 sweater/hat sets DONE today....some babies will be warm this winter, I hope. Wanted to work on more tonight but am just bushed and we still have paper routes to do at midnight. Is it vacation time yet?

E crashed early tonight after all day outside with P(next door). It was all she could do to get a bath....2 minutes and she was done. Fell asleep as soon as I helped her with her jammies. Hope she sleeps ALL night and wakes up happy in the AM. Promised time on PollyPocket if it rains.


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