Sunday, August 22, 2004

We've seen much cooler weather than normal but that has only slowed the tomatoes a little. I did finally put up four pints of quartered tomatoes last night. I think the kids were getting tired of tomato sandwiches for every meal. LOL. Think we'll pick the first watermelon tomorrow rather than let it get huge.

Working on socks, again, for J. She picked out Regia's Crazy Colors yarn and requested a "firmer" fabric this time around, so I ordered size 2 dpns with the yarn. Fine but I cannot adjust to the different gauge. Four tries later, I finally said the H*&% with it and started them toe-up. Almost to the heel of the first one, hopefully I'll muddle through these well enough to finish them and go back to working on my fuschia (yes, fuschia) colored wrap for myself. Started off, I bought these great-feeling, cotton yarn for E but then one day didn't feel like trudging up the stairs to the sewing room, so I decided to try out the pattern on the band of this yarn. Really, really neat, almost lacey looking...should be just right for keeping warm while doing handiwork when sleeves usually aggravate me. Not a color I'd normally pick for myself, or so I thought until T pointed out it's nearly the same shade as my favorite nail polish from decades ago. Can't remember his phone number most of the time but he remembers the nail polish I wore when we were dating???

Fixed the usual "big" meal for Sunday dinner....pork chops, carrots, potatoes, gravy and apple pie. The gravy was off and the pie crust was too crumbly this time but everyone ate everything so guess they didn't notice. Think we'll try a cheesy garlic bread in the bread machine tomorrow for dinner with spaghetti. Haven't made that in a long time, spaghetti that is, and it sounds good.

Been amazed with all the girls have read this summer. Both read Ginger Pye and said it was "ok". R has read: Dear Dumb Diary, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Amber Brown is Not a Crayon and is now working on Sarah, Plain and Tall. J has read: TTYL, Island of the Blue Dolphins and is now listening to Kidnapped on cd because the book itself was too boring for her.


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