Thursday, May 20, 2004

Another mostly wet, stormy week. Never did get the garden spot dug up, so just ended up digging the holes for tomato plants tonight and planting them. Then T asked if we needed to plant more tomatoes and where were the pepper plants? I are good only for a few things, one of which can't be mentioned here(and that ain't important really anyhow!)....killing critters, digging holes and vehicle maintenance...that's it! He did manage to 'rescue' us from a wayward bird that found it's way into the second story this afternoon. So maybe 2 outta 3 ain't bad, as Meatloaf used to say.

Mowed for Aunt Nan again today. Her yard alone is enough to keep anyone busy and it's smaller than ours! She brought over pizza for dinner, saving me from having to cook and making the kids very happy.

Spent some time out at Dad's on Tuesday, playing computer doctor again and working on this year's paperwork. Still have mountains to do and it will continue to grow. Hoping to go out tomorrow and get started on some of it...between the filing and the spreadsheets, I will be busy. Not complaining though...means a lot to me that he trusts me enough to do it all. Doubt that Julie's seen even a peek of this since her asshole ex worked for Dad and he had her do it one year, and not to the extend I do.

Finished America's Women and was rather let down by the last few chapters. After such great, indepth detail about the early colonist women through the early 1900's, I really expected to read more about the whole women's lib movement but they barely touched on women after about 1940. Don't really have anything new lined up to read since there's so much outside work and since I've got baby gifts to make.

Speaking of which...I'd better get busy on some now.


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