Thursday, September 22, 2005

Moving back here

After months over at, using the journal set-up there, I am coming back here. We'll be switching to DSL in the coming month or so and aol will be going away forever. It will take me a while to get the hang of this one again but hopefully, I will be able to have more exciting graphics and a nicer layout in the future.

Some quilt content today! Gram gave me a stack of fat quarters when she transferred however many summers ago. I let them age about a year or so before finding something I liked enough to make. Then I let the pieced project age another year or so before finally quilting it. Bad quilter, good project. LOL
That's not me serving as the quilt's J., the awesome model that she be!

Look for more happenings in the near future. I've applied to Google Adwords and hopefully they'll accept me so this little writing gig will pay a bit. Would be way cool for me but probably not so cool for the loyal readers. You understand, a girl must have means for fiber therapy, quilt tools and just stuff, right?


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