Sunday, September 25, 2005

A new reason to homeschool

We have homeschooled for a long time now (over5 yrs) and just when I thought I'd come up with every reason under the sun as to why we do it, a new one appears. GA Schools . We are not Georgians but given Ohio Gov. Bob Taft's incredible lack of intelligence coupled with a huge absence of common sense, I can see it coming. Our small town police force has already parked some cruisers and are not responding to some calls in an effort to control the budget. Which I understand but crime is climbing here. (Hub's car has been broken into TWICE in one week...once they got nothing, the other time they drained the gas tank) What happens when kids aren't in school and are too old for daycare? We know they will not stay meekly inside their homes. They are going to be out wrecking havoc, frightening the public and all that. I'm about to snap off up in here (pointing to head). Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

Yeah, I watch a little too much tv at times. That last bit is from a Judging Amy episode. Donna says that to a gangbanger girl and it's become a catch phrase around the J. School for Wayward Girls (AKA our house). It would appear my kiddos are becoming fluent in gangster. Does that count as a second language?

Happenings here at JSWG(see above paragraph if you're confused): R and J are massively cleaning R's room. R is a packrat. Make that WAS a packrat. J is forcing her to ditch stuff. Well, maybe forcing is the wrong word. She's helping her dig through everything and pitch things. I cannot wait to see the finished product. They even took a before shot....will it be post worthy?


Anonymous Regina Shea said...

I like you blog. I looks like you had fun putting this together and yes I'm confused. lol

9/29/2005 1:42 AM  

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