Saturday, November 17, 2007

ISO: MS LIVING June 2007

Being a tightwad, I never, ever buy magazines from the newstands or stores. I'm just not a magazine girl that much. However, I am searching for a used copy of Martha Stewart Living from June 2007. I browsed through a copy while waiting on my nephew at the dentist's earlier in the week and damn! there were several articles I thought were usefull. Magazine need not be in perfect condition, shelf wear, dog-earred pages are ok. Have one you are going to pitch? Let me know what you'd like in exchange.

ETA: Found a withdrawn copy at the library the other day. Just happened to be there the very day one of my favorite librarians was pulling back issues to pitch. I offered to buy it from the library but she insisted I just take it since it was bound for the circular file. Sometimes it really pays to ask!



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