Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thrift Score!

Our town lacks good thrift stores. We now have 3. One I won't go to unless Hubster goes along because the owner/managers give me the serious creeps. Another one is mostly clothes but not in sizes any of us wear. The remaining one is the Goodwill which finally reopened in a new spot after a yearlong absence. I stop there from time to time because it's on the way to Aldi's, WM and KM. Most days I don't find much but in the past 2 weeks I've scored big. An excersaucer (baby thing) for $4.99. I am NOT pregnant. I am doing daycare again for a little guy my friend is fostering. Then today, I found an ancient GE Food Processor for $ had all these "extra" parts with it for the price and I couldn't figure out how this was supposed to use the extra blades, etc. Turns out I bought a GE Processor and an accessory set for an OSTER Regency Kitchen Center. Seems like those accessories are going for about $10 on ebay so if I get my rear in gear,list the set before the 30th and they sell, my food processor will be "free". Which I love. Typically, I try to avoid too many small appliances in my tiny kitchen but when I want to whip up large batches of things, a processor comes in handy.

In other not newsworthy news, I finished a pair of mittens for the parish mitten tree, MARIAH is now done except the zipper but R's wearing her just the same and I'm making apple butter because the local grocery store had apples on special this week. I wanted to try a small batch before I go to the orchard and buy a van load of apples. Sure smells good right now.

I hate posts without pictures but once again, a certain dd who shall remain nameless has taken off with the camera I normally use. I'll try to post more when I can find the time. Settling the new little guy (AKA LG) into a loving, caring family with food in the cupboards has taken a lot of time and energy. School is taking a lot more time this year as well since E is struggling with some math concepts. Who decided 2nd graders need to know how to "count by 3s and 4s"?? Seriously.

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