Monday, September 03, 2007

Long Rides in the Country

urge me to hurry up and find a country house. I had the opportunity last night to drive my dad home from a jobsite. It was a very nice evening for a ride and we took roads I have not been on in close to 20 years. E rode along since she's Gramps' shadow and every single farm we passed made her exclaim: "I can't wait until we live on the farm." Me too, baby, me too.

We live in a decent neighborhood. All families scraping by, willing to lend a helping hand when needed. Or share things about be wasted otherwise. The neighbor lady across the alley came over today with 4 packages of steaks. She'd planned to cook them for Tuesday dinner and her hubby decided they'd go out instead. Rather than let them sit in the fridge an extra night, she gave them to us. We haven't had steaks for a long time so I won't laugh at her hubby's silly notions about meat. Then after dark, the neighbor to the back of us offered fresh picked grapes for jelly-making AND said she'd be home all day tomorrow if I get stuck since I've not made jelly before. Her young grandson (about 6-7) picked the grapes so he could have homemade jelly but hadn't a clue he should stop after a bag or two. So we'll enjoy the fruits of his labor too this winter on homemade bread with real butter.

It was also a decent weekend for thrifting. I started Thursday afternoon at the Goodwill with a mission: long sleeve, men's buttondown shirts for a refashion idea I have. Turned out Hubster liked the 3 I brought home so I have to find more. And I found 2 very nice vintage floral sheets. One will become pj pants for me and the other will be stowed away for next spring to become some summery wear for E. Saturday morning E and I hit a couple of yard sales. A bag of vintage dress patterns for $2 (I think there are 12 complete!), a big shopping bag of crochet thread for R's projects at a whopping $1.50 and the piece that made my week: an arcylic sewing table that will work ok with my machine for $3! I looked the brand up online and found out that they run $50 + new so the sewing muse was definitely smiling on me that day.

The tomatoes are slow to ripen this year. First year I've not given them special treatment all season long and I do believe I'll go back to my Miracle-Gro ways next year. Hubster is going to pick some at the neighbor's tomorrow since she isn't canning them so maybe I'll get some canned tomorrow night after school, jelly making, dinner and all that. When will I find time to make rolls for dinner? Steak and baked potatoes sort of screams for some kind of homemade bread.


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