Friday, August 31, 2007

R and Reading

The lovely and talented R, snapped one day this week during E's art lesson. Purple kitty whiskers and pretend claws are always a hit. If I were computer savvy enough, the voices she does would put you on the floor with laughter. She is our comic, always quick to make people laugh. A math whiz, handy with a hammer and helpful too.

Reading is a great passion the girls and I share. Miss E is a very fluent reader for her age and never, ever passes up the chance to read. Driving down the road, eating breakfast, looking over Daddy's shoulder at the newspaper. I love to watch my girls read. The books they are drawn to astound me endlessly.

Some changes have occurred around here. For the time being, they are all for the best. A burden has been lifted from my shoulders and my heart. I feel as something toxic has left my system. Specifics are not important. Rest assured, this has nothing to do with my immediate family.


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