Thursday, November 15, 2007

250th Post ~Ravelry

I tend to think of myself as a non-joiner. I'm usually the last knitter to jump on a pattern bandwagon, I rarely join KALs and I do not belong to a guild or attend SnB. When Ravelry came out, I thought just what we need, another knitter thing to tell us the same sh*t we've already heard. Boy, was I wrong! My invite came today and every possible spare minute has been spent exploring it today. My Ravelry name is: JACTTD (the ancroynm for this blog!). My adding things will be slow with the LG now toddling about much of my time is spent chasing him. That is when I'm not teaching lessons.

Since when do 2nd graders need to know Order of Operations in a modified format? Seriously, am I that old already that "math in my day" is the same as my father's "I walked 17 miles to school in 4 feet of snow with only one shoe"?

Babbling is only good if you are a bubbling brook winding through the mountains so I am going to bed now. Good-night all!

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