Monday, November 12, 2007

Found Treasures

One of the things on Hubster's Honey-Do List was to make room in the garage for both vehicles before the first heavy snow. I'm so glad I made him do that because he found 2 huge boxes of jars I'd stored out there and forgotten about. Am guessing that's about 4 dozen more jars I do not have to buy before the next harvest. So that's found treasure #1.

During the garage clean-out that took place earlier in the summer, we came across some lumber suitable for shelving so I sent it home with Dad to be plained (sp?), run through the joiner and the router with a round-over bit for a nice smooth shelf with a round front face. He brought me a sample over the weekend and WOW! Beautiful poplar wood once he put it through the plainer and joiner. If I remember right, we found enough to almost double my pantry shelf space. Found treasure #2.

Found treasures 3-25 came from the thrift stores along the adventures of the past few weeks. I won't list them all but the biggies were: a Scot drop spreader for the yard ($10), a stroller for the LG ($4), a 3 piece mix-match church outfit for E ($3) and a long, classy black winter wool coat for me ($10). All things on my list to find. Oh, and E found a pair of winter boots ($2.50) which she needed in the worst way along with a pair of Spongebob Squarepants canvas sneakers ($.55) like brand new. Even with the cost of gas for one trip to the GOOD thrift store (again, info from Denice. Thanks!), these were bargains. The wool coat alone would have run upwards of $80.

Oh, and I finally found a dressmaker's ruler with a french curve ($1.99) and a 1" bias tape maker for the same price...both brand spanking new! I've used the ruler already to help steady the lines on a traced well spent.

Next trip to the GOOD thrift store, I hope to only take one dd instead of all three. One does not enjoy thrifting at all and while she tries very hard to be patient and all that, sometimes it interfears with my mission. Either way, I cannot wait to go again. E needs some dress shoes for church. Hubster and I both need pants, R needs more pants too. Never ending, I swear.

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