Monday, October 17, 2005

I seem to be MIA lately. Make that TIA(tired in action). Seems I am just butt-dragging exhausted all the time. Thankfully, I will be spending part of the afternoon tomorrow at the doctor's for my annual physical. Not that physical...just a regular one with my thyroid panel. Yippee! However, I hate dealing with the nurse at this office. I always have the feeling that the minute I'm out the door, she's talking about me. Not that I really care, I just would prefer my medical problems stay private. Silly hang-up I have.

Not much knitting going on these days. Nor much sewing. It has taken me an entire day to cut out E's "Laura Ingalls" costume and another entire day just to get 1/3 of the bonnet done. Definitely not my MO when it comes to sewing, even when I had a houseful of toddlers and a nursing baby. Oh well. It WILL be done and she'll have plenty of room in it for several years playing.

Witty is on strike. Humor is on strike. Writing this tiny, two paragraph post has taken me well over 30 minutes. Quick, pipe me some chocolate, some yarn porn, a quilt magazine and maybe I'll snap out of it. Or maybe I need a road trip to visit my blogging friends...I could knitknap them along the way until we arrive at ??? Any volunteers?


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