Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Shameless fabric hussy

Miss E and I hit Joann's tonight. The intended purpose was to find fabric for a Barbie doll tote bag and a Barbie Tent for her upcoming 6th birthday. As you can see, I'm a shameless fabric hussy. I have absolutely NO willpower when it comes to fabric. I am bound and determined to be the winner of the biggest stash contest. Ya know, the one no one wins until they die?! We left the store with fabric for 2 Barbie doll tote bags, a Barbie tent, a crib size quilt top, cotton quilt batting, needles, ribbon, one pattern (like I need more?) and the fabric for the dress and bonnet shown.
Top pic is going to be Miss E's Halloween costume. Every year since she could walk well, she has gone outfitted in a costume crafted by moi. Sick, ain't it? One year she was a duck and one year she was a bumblebee. This year, almost the entire year, she's wanted to be Laura Ingalls. Not go as but BE. Dress-up is a big deal around this house so a few hours of sewing will be well spent. The lady at Joann's asked Miss E to come back DRESSED IN HER COSTUME! Plus, I know she'll want to take it on vacation next summer to show Gram. Yes, I am making the complete outfit and am adding bloomers because she asked for them. Thankfully, she has not thought about Laura wearing shoes that buttoned up. Whew!

On tomorrow's agenda: photo shoot of my socks. Jane has a contest going for show me your socks. Like I need an excuse to show off, brag and all that? Not really but it's something fun to do that isn't about the amounts, styles or how well we did. After that, I'll be working on finishing a quilt for the Hubster if the insulation dudes aren't in my way. We'll see.


Anonymous Mary Jayne said...

Hi Jill, glad I found you again. I am so computer illiterate! I don't know how to get back to this site once I leave it. Anyway, my daughters were both Little house on the prairie girls for halloween about 20 years ago. Amazing! Their Aunt Jane made the costumes. Mary jayne

10/07/2005 4:31 PM  

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