Saturday, October 08, 2005

D'oh, I forgot something!

Is anyone else disturbed by this picture? Every time it appears on whatever news channel Hubster is watching, I want to barf. While I do not know much about Harriet Miers (I am working on it!), this shot just looks like a lovesick school girl drooling over the quarterback of the football team. You know the girl, shy, quiet and while not ugly, isn't going to be homecoming queen. Yet she lusts for him with every ounce of her being but he will only look at her if she will give him what he wants...the dirty deed. Ms. Miers, I fear you will be giving old Georgy boy exactly what he wants: another fall guy. And in the time between your confirmation and the discovery of whatever evil deed has been done, you will get the reaming of your life. In every way possible, just like the rest of America. I hope you are prepared for that.

And personally, I hope she isn't confirmed. I believe that a Supreme Court Justice should have bench experience. A lot of it in everything from family law and juvie court to criminal. They should be fearless, bold and have a hobby that isn't golf or stamp collecting. Nothing wrong with either, they just rub me the wrong way. They should have a skeleton or two in the closet. Nothing major: no murders, drug habits or the like. Maybe a gay son or lesbian sister like ol' Newt. Not that I like him, I happen to think he is a moron. I just get a kick out of his sister being homosexual. And not that I think it's funny. Just that some morally high-horsed folks get the public dressing-down they so richly deserve.

Ok, having gotten all this off my chest, maybe it was not motherhood bugging me today. It is the direction this country is going. So blindly following the loudest pipers as if they are infallible. It saddens me greatly as the granddaughter, daughter and wife of vets to see people afraid to speak up. If we do not use our freedom of speech, and the rest of our freedoms, someday they will be gone. DEMOCRACY is for the people, by the people, not one person ruling with an iron fist. That my friends is a dictatorship. Do not be fools and think it cannot happen here in America. It's time to stomp loudly and carry BIG clubs.


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