Saturday, October 08, 2005

Don't want to be a mother today

My surrogate mother always laughs when at the end of a rough mothering day, I tell her: "Teens are the reason wild animals eat their young". Raising kids is like trying to nail jell-o to a tree (Erma Bombeck maybe?) and this mama is tired of trying that trick today. R threw a fit about having to come home from a friend's house, J's pouting because I would not let her bid on some game system on ebay. Hey, J...a hint since I know you read this from time to time: You hardly ever play those games so why would I let you invest more money into one? I hate having to say no, but it is part of my job as Ruler of the Household, Mother and Domestic Goddess.

Hubster has been in a mood all day too. I swear, the one day I PLAN to do nothing but sew, he pulls this stuff. Never fails. I cleaned the house, did a ton of laundry up, fixed E breakfast, lunch and dinner, took a small nap and managed to knit some only to frog it all this evening. Can anyone tell me which Elizabeth Zimmermann book has the EZ baby sweater of knitalong fame? I checked out two EZ books from the library but neither has what I think I'm looking for. I detest seaming in knitting and really want to knit up a few more baby sweaters for my charity box this month yet. Top-down, quick and easy...links anyone? I've done two versions of the 5hbs and well, it's ok but not exactly mindless for me. I know, I'm whiny tonight. I think I'll soak in the tub and hope everyone leaves me alone for 45 mins.


Blogger CrazyFiberLady said...

Would that be the Baby Surprise Sweater? I know there's a big KAL for it, actually signed up myself and haven't yet cast on for it. It's in EZ's Knitting Workshop.

10/26/2005 4:20 PM  

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