Friday, February 04, 2005

Seems I always forget about my blog. Poor ol' blog.

I certainly feel as if I have accomplished a lot lately. Paid ALL the bills except the trash bill...I always forget that one. Did all the grocery shopping for just a tad over $200.That is for the entire month excluding milk, bread and potatoes. The 'pantry' is full of nearly everything I can think we'd want except a few things like black olives (haven't found a deal on them yet), pepperoni, mozarella cheese and fresh produce. I bought roughly 25 pounds of hamburg and repacked it into one pound packs, 2 pounds of bacon ($1.69 per), a pork roast and 2 packages of pork chops on sale. Had hot dogs and ground turkey left in the freezer along with about 7 pounds of colby cheese so we're good there. I have been trying very hard to use up any leftovers and sneak in powdered milk whenever I can. If I can use just a gallon of powdered a week for baking and cooking, over a year I will have saved at least $103.48, based on $1.99/gal. Am trying to bake more and keep healthier stuff around but the way Tim eats at night, it's rough. He is a bottomless pit from 5pm on no matter what I tell him about managing his diabetes. Holly's told him, Dr Ed has told him, Karen and Aunt Nan have told him.

The girls are getting antsy and very, very excited about vacationing to Grandma's this year. Can't say that I blame them...two years without getting a hug from Grams or playing at the park with her is a LOOOONG time for them. I made the mistake of telling them there is an ice rink there. Now, that's on the list as well. As if it weren't long enough already. LOL