Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Finished Works

It has been a busy 10 days here at Chez Duck. A few weeks, yes weeks, ago, Hubster had a minor, in-office procedure done for polyps. As with all things Hubster, this has not been minor and yet not been major either...he's slowly bouncing back to his usual ornery self and driving me bonkers in the process. On top of this recovery, we have still had school going on, a massive garage clean-out along with the usual life stuff. Lately, by the time I have time to sit and do anything, I fall asleep.

A finished project, finally! Vital Stats: Simplicity 3882, view B. Fabric from Joni as part of the One Yard Fabric Swap a while back. My only change to this pattern, I used fabric instead of vinyl for the outside pocket. I plan to make this bag again, lengthening the handles, using fusible batting and triming the batting pieces before seaming. I really do love this bag. As you can see, it has everything a mom needs:

One of my favorite things is how the seams for the handles formed 4 tiny pockets perfect for either pens OR Dpns!The smaller pocket next to those tiny ones are perfect for a pocket size package of tissues. This truly is a knitter's purse.

Now for what everyone has been waiting for: A FINISHED CLESSIDRA!!

I really cannot say enough wonderful things about this pattern. As we know, I love to knit socks but had put off knitting true knee socks after a dismal attempt using a fill-in-the-blanks type pattern. The fear is now gone! I will knit more of these for winter wear. I absolutely love how this one feels and looks. This one was actually finished on Friday, the 23rd right before 5PM (Miss E had library after school club, that's how I know!). The second sock is on the needles. I'll knit until the yarn runs out, by then the Knitpicks order should be almost here. (No, I haven't ordered it yet...I will by the weekend, I think)
Allowing for the order placement and delivery, I am now aiming for a finish date of April 11.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Clessidra Progress

Talk about a fast knit! I had visions of these socks being months in the making. Boy, was I wrong! I'd say at max, it will take 3 weeks to finish the pair, if that. This one is now about an inch from the heel flap and I think I'll get that inch done this evening yet.
Cable running down the back of my leg. I LOVE IT!! R has asked for a pair in purple and I am leaning towards another pair for myself in green...or maybe red just so I can rub it in to Jan that I have a pair of red handknit socks.

So, how are YOUR Clessidras coming along??

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Friday, March 16, 2007

I'm all about the socks

Of all the things I have knit, socks are the most rewarding, interesting and fun. I can only think of a few times when there have not been socks on the needles. This month has been no exception. See?

For Wee Tiny Sock Swap hosted by the lovely Emily. This is a seriously tiny sock. Think quarter-sized. Only took about an hour for me to knit this beauty up from some Lorna's Laces in Desert Flower. Thanks for the pattern and the swap Emily! I hope my "victim" likes it as much as I do.

The much awaited Trekking 126 socks for me. I cannot believe the stripes matched up perfectly. To the stitch! Vital Stats: Trekking 126, US 1 dpns, 72 stitches in just boring stockinette stitch. These are packed away to be my first pair worn in the fall. I always try to have at least one pair tucked back for when cold weather returns. Although this year, the cold is not leaving. Snow again today.

And now the masterpiece in progress: Clessidra. I simply could not wait to start these. That is unusual for me since I am typically the last knitter in blogdom to jump on the bandwagon. I just finished the third leg decrease last night, after these bad photos were shot. Cast on for this one on Weds at 2:00pm. I usually do not track time spent on a project but this one I am trying to keep track of a bit better. I have slipped it on and it will fit snugly, as I like knee socks to be. I hope the inital try-on doesn't come back to haunt me later. We'll see. I even joined the KAL: A CLESSIDRA KAL! Come join us! Tell 'em I sent you. ;o) And yes, that is really what my desk looks like all the time. Piled on top of the papers is usually some knitting because my hands are never still until I am asleep.

Mariah is still holding for more yarn. I put off placing the order until I saw how Clessidra was going to work since one skein of KP Bare is not going to be enough. Nope, still haven't ordered the yarn because I've been busy knitting Clessidra, cleaning house and shuttling children to state-mandated testing that shows nothing about what they really know. I will do us all a favor and not climb the soapbox steps today.

Monday, March 12, 2007


This morning while reviewing this week's lessons with E, the subject of Thomas Edison came up. Which brought about this earthshaking revelation from a 7yo history buff:

"Mama, flashlights were invented AFTER the lightbulb. Wanna know why? Cuz it's impossible to invent something without all the parts!"

Just another of the many reasons I love my girls.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007


The socks I MUST HAVE BEFORE I DIE: Clessidra. Not many things in life I can honestly say I must have, taste, try, whatever before I die but baby, these socks are a must. Only two questions: color and yarn? I am leaning towards either natural or a green since I have been hording a skein of KP Bare that Cynthia sent as part of my YA box a while ago. My thinking is that it is natural, therefore no dye lot to muck things up big time should I need more yarn. Which after checking, I see I would need a second skein. Perfect! I needed something to round out my KP order for Mariah anyhow. And I could probably dye the finished socks rather than take my chances dying two skeins. Don't ask. I'm weird, we all know it.

Mariah came out of the corner last night and hummed along mightly until the yarn ran out. Now she's pouting because the fun has halted. Same picture, one non-flash and one with so the increase markers show up.
I really love this knit. Cables used to frighten the pants off me until I knit Blaze for my sister a couple years ago. Not only did I teach myself to cable but did the entire sweater (well, after 3 or 4 rounds) without a cable needle. If I only had such luck with colorwork. ::sigh:: Maybe some day.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Borrowing an idea from Shizzknits, my version of Love Thursday:

Hubster's endless cardigan: DONE. Well, it still needs buttons and blocking but hey, I have roughly 9 months to get those done. Vital Stats: No-name 100% wool picked up last spring at a big box craft store, clearanced. US 5 and 6 circs and dpns, using the V-neck Cardigan pattern from The Complete Book of Raglan Sweaters (Thanks, sis Jan!) I just noticed that the picture looks like it has reddish blotches, it does not. Straight, boring Army green.

Definitely lovin' these Garterlac Dishclothes. So easy once you get going and perfect car knitting now that J has her permit. I am a flinchy rider. Let's call it a control issue and move along. These are now safely tucked away in my gift drawer. No particular person in mind, just one of those things I had to knit.

Mariah will be coming back out to play this weekend. I finally understand the whole sleeve issue but felt it best to have an entire day devoted to just her before starting up again. Well, that and I haven't ordered the rest of the needed yarn yet. I just cannot stash yarn like I have fabric. You'll see why in this coming to a blog near you soon, a whole post about my sewing mess and the massive clean-up efforts, complete with pictures! It should be enough to make anyone cringe. lol.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mariah, I am stuck.

Earlier this week, I cast on for Mariah. This is a Christmas '07 knit. R requested this hoodie earlier in the fall and I was not sure she would wear it enough to warrant the work I thought it would take. Silly me, once I remembered how to cable without a needle and color coded my chart, the fun began. That is 6 inches of cable-y goodness right there, folks, on US 6, 2 stitch markers and 2 row counters because I am all about the organization. (ROFLOL). Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Hush. I have some reservations about using this yarn for cabling but it is what I had on hand to swatch with and what R likes so WoA Hush it is. An order must be sent soon as what you see is what I have left.

Now I am confused. Really, really confused by something that should be clear as water to me. Am I overthinking it or just stupid today? The directions (see above link)say that at 6 inches, increases begin. That part I get. Every sleeve must get wider at some point. What stumps me is this working increased sts in pattern as set in Chart A. Umm, how does this work out? I am confused as to how to figure out how to work the increased stitches in set pattern. HELP!! I think until I can figure this out (or browbeat someone into blowing the fog away) I will use the other end of the skein to cast on for the second sleeve. At least that way, the odd ball skein will be used uniformly and hopefully, if the next batch isn't the same dye lot, this will at least fool the eye a bit. Ya know, look like I planned it?!

The much sought after Trekking 126 sock. Ebay auction went above my limit. Mia may have a lead on some. My fingers are crossed. I love this colorway, which is a huge shock since I normally do not like browns. This pair will be for me after all. Because I hate to swatch for socks, I just cast on and went to town. Turns out 72 stitches on US 1s fits me fine. Only thing I should have done differently was the heel. Silly me used just stockinette stitch for this one and I really should have used eye of partridge or the heel stitch to pull it in some. Oh well. I will wear them no matter what.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Week in pictures

One of E's finished summer tops. Simplicity 4208 vC, I believe. Same as before but different. She is very pleased with it and that delights me.

A Princess box arrived this week for the youngest princess from her cyber friend/cousin, Princess G. I tried to capture her excitement and failed dismally. Sorry about that, Princess G. You and your mama did a most excellent job of picking out things Princess E loves.

Especially the Barbie art set.

And the crown. I'm so totally jealous.

This one is for Jan, the twisted sister. Yes, that is J on the washing machine. The OPEN empty washing machine. Nope, I don't know why. I swear I'm raising the love children of Jeff Foxworthy and Erma Bombeck. "They call me the Washing Machine Thinker cuz I think great thoughts while washin' the laundry"