Sunday, April 30, 2006

The soundtrack of my life

By now, most everyone has seen this fun space filler floating out there in cyberspace. Seeing that I cannot force myself to post, I thought y'all might like to sneak a peek at my music choices. Believe me, this just barely skims the surface. I grew up with a very musically inclined grandmother who could play any instrument and the other one enjoyed a wide range of music. (I blame the Ink Spots on her.) Yes, my tastes land squarely in the country genre these days but that does not mean I don't enjoy the Beatles now and then. The girls tease me constantly about my love of country...that's when I whip out Janet Jackson, Andy Williams, Bing (my love!) or Billy Joel. That shuts 'em right up. LOL. Surprisingly enough, the older 2 know the Unforgettable album by heart and actually enjoy Bette's For the Boys soundtrack, although they won't admit to it all the time. So, what's on your turntable???

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