Saturday, May 24, 2008

Random Family Things

Yesterday afternoon was spent sorting through 90+ years of photographs with my mother to find some great pics of Nana for the photo board. Those who know me well understand what a chore this was in some ways. I won't say anything else on that particular subject for now.

WOW! The memories we'd forgotten. Photos of Nana without a child are so few in numbers it astounded me. I believe we found a picture of every single grandchild, great-grandchild and at least one great-great-grandchild to put on the board. I love that my mother let me choose more than she did. The ones I picked were not only with one of her children or the grands but with one of her many faces. Every kid knows the faces: surprise, shock, anger, delight. I wonder how many of my cousins will have the same reaction to seeing them all again?

I also loved that my mother let me talk into displaying a picture of all my grandparents together in about 1951 with my parents as toddlers, my aunt as a baby and several of my uncles. One of my very favorite stories from my grandmothers (they both told it numerous times) was how my paternal grandmother went to stay with Nana after the birth of son#3, to help around the house as was the custom then. She was all of 18, Nana would have been 28 or so then. The reason I love this story so much is that not only is it a prime example of the friendship they shared for most of their lives but also because when J was born, Nana came to stay to help around our house. She was 79 and 11/12th when J was born! She came again to stay when R was born 2 years later. She folded mountains of laundry that visit, I remember.

Because of the holiday weekend and an appearant busier than usual time for the funeral home, her services aren't until the 28th (wake the 27th). Most of our house is packed up so I have no real distraction from the impending stress of so much family at once. 50 or more of us in one room may well do me in.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

End of an Era

Early this morning, my grandmother passed away just a few months shy of her 96th birthday. She was the last of my grandparents, having outlived my grandfather by nearly 19 years and my other grandparents for close to 22. I do not remember thinking of my father as an orphan when his parents passed but that is one of the first things I thought of this morning when my mother called with the news. She and her 5 brothers are now orphans, despite being adults and grandparents in their own rights, they are parentless.

As a grandchild, I am now grandparent-less. Does that make one a grand-orphan? I grew up knowing I was the center of the universe, as I believe most grandchildren with awesome grandparents do. I was the middle of the crowd, number 9 of 18, first daughter of the only daughter. My birth was so important, my grandparents pulled up roots and moved to be near my parents, staying for nearly 13 years. 7 of those years, they lived right next door to us, well, as close to next door as you get in the country: 1/3 mile. We lived back a long drive, they lived at the end near the road. Every morning, they would peek out the dining room window to watch my younger sister and I get on the bus to school and every afternoon, at least one of them greeted us with a wave or cookies. Nana baked every week without fail, no matter how hot it was outside. She made killer donuts, ketchup from scratch that used to be poured into an old Heinz bottle to fool us grandkids into using it and was among the craftiest, resourceful people I have ever known. She was patient, kind and quick-witted to the end.

Nana used to tell me how as young parents, her children were never left with a sitter. Where she and Grandpa went, they went as well and knew to behave themselves. She delighted in telling how all her boys could sew a shirt if they had to, they could all cook and clean just as well as my mother. I do not know if my cousins carry with them the same stories or to what extent she helped shape the people they have become, but I know she taught me more than I could say.

Rest in peace, Nana, Estella Mae Veon Grubb-August 18, 1912-May 22, 2008. You will be missed.

ETA this picture from sometime in either 1971 or very early Jan '72. A wee me with Nana and Poppy, taken in the little house. I assume that this was taken before my sister's birth as I do not see any evidence of her in this picture...framed picture behind Nana's shoulder is me. I still have the Playskool peg desk on the left, along with most of the peg toys I remember playing with. My mother still has the yellow rose vase in the window.


Monday, May 19, 2008


I really haven't felt there has been much in the way of personal/family news for a long time. It felt as if we were just hanging on for the ride, swept up in the current more or less. Nearly all creative pursuits slowed to a snail's pace, influenced heavily by this house's dark paneling and lack of decent light. Who knew light and brightness were neccessary for creative people to flourish? Evidently not me.

The darkness in our house is just one of the reasons we have decided to find another house to rent. We have had a dampness problem in this house from day one. The landlords know what needs done to correct it yet have done nothing for 6 years about it. About mid-summer, a new family moved in next door, bringing with them excessive noise (barking dogs and loud fights 24/7) and increased traffic. Add that to the new housing project up the hill from us and the neighborhood has changed dramatically in about a year. It is now common to see gangs of teens hanging on street corners selling who-knows-what, tromping through yards and litering. When our dear friend, Julie, remarried and bought a new house, her old house was up for grabs. She spoke to her landlords and put in some good words for us, we hope to be moved by late June at the very latest.

The "new" house is a beauty: white walls, hardwood floors and room to please everyone. Literally a stone's throw from the hospital (directly in the MedFlight flight path) in a quiet, friendly, clean neighborhood that is flat enough to walk every day. We are all very excited about this, probably I am the most excited because I will finally have a space for all my sewing that is just for me! Would you believe I will even have a bath nearby?! Of course all this luxury comes at a price, namely a $600 security deposit plus the actual moving costs. Which is why I am reducing the prices of these quilts from August 2007...I'm trying to raise as much as I can to avoid borrowing a huge chunk.

These quilts are machine wash and dry, machine pieced and quilted. Each quilt has over 10 hours of quilting alone. Piecing time was not tracked as I have no need for that knowledge at this time.Moda Spring Fling Detail of Moda Spring Fling Moda fabric: Spring Fling by Me and My Sister. This quilt measures 36" x 47 1/2", is heavily stipple quilted. $45 plus shipping and insurance of your choice. SALE PENDING Thanks so much, Christy!

BOMBOM detailBack, BOM quilt These blocks were from a Joann's BOM back in either 1999, 2000 or 2001. This quilt is also heavily stipple quilted, measures 42" x 42", bound with black. $55 plus shipping and insurance of your choice.

In other news:

The girls are doing great. All three made the OHVA honor rolls. E tested at the top of her class (2nd grade) on the state-mandated testing. J will be working for the city this summer and will be able to walk to work once our move is final! She passed her driver's exam in Jan, drives her little beater-mobile Hubster got her for doing repairs on a neighbor's home. R is anxious to get settled into the new house because she has friends in that neighborhood and my sister, niece and nephew live just 9 blocks away. (Compared to the 2.5 miles now)

We still have Little Guy. His custody hearing will be in about 10 days, we are praying it goes "our" way, meaning his foster family would be able to adopt him.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Revolution Money Exchange

Finally someone has put together a way to get paid for things like etsy without paying a fee. I love it!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

I got $25 just for signing up, which is going towards the security deposit on a new house, along with every other penny I can put together in the next 2 weeks. Later today, I'll repost a few quilts for sale with new prices to help our cause.

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