Friday, August 31, 2007

R and Reading

The lovely and talented R, snapped one day this week during E's art lesson. Purple kitty whiskers and pretend claws are always a hit. If I were computer savvy enough, the voices she does would put you on the floor with laughter. She is our comic, always quick to make people laugh. A math whiz, handy with a hammer and helpful too.

Reading is a great passion the girls and I share. Miss E is a very fluent reader for her age and never, ever passes up the chance to read. Driving down the road, eating breakfast, looking over Daddy's shoulder at the newspaper. I love to watch my girls read. The books they are drawn to astound me endlessly.

Some changes have occurred around here. For the time being, they are all for the best. A burden has been lifted from my shoulders and my heart. I feel as something toxic has left my system. Specifics are not important. Rest assured, this has nothing to do with my immediate family.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Edited to add: 2 of these quilts are now for sale. Prices listed INCLUDE shipping, insurance and delivery confirmation by USPS. Other shipping methods are available upon request. Please email me at sewjillquiltsATverizonDOTnet with your interest rather than leaving a comment. These quilts are machine wash and dry, machine pieced and quilted. Each quilt has over 10 hours of quilting alone. Piecing time was not tracked as I have no need for that knowledge at this time.Moda Spring Fling Detail of Moda Spring Fling Moda fabric: Spring Fling by Me and My Sister (I believe that was the line) This quilt measures 36" x 47 1/2", is heavily stipple quilted. $95.

1930s PurpleDetail shot, 1930s purpleBack 1930s purpleI am undecided about selling this piece just yet. I love the 1930's fabrics.

BOMBOM detailBack, BOM quilt These blocks were from a Joann's BOM back in either 1999, 2000 or 2001. This quilt is also heavily stipple quilted, measures 42" x 42", bound with black. $85.00

What else for "Q" but quilts?

These quilts may be coming up for sale very soon. Just waiting on a consult from the Quilt Guru herself before deciding. Watch this space for details.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Observant Oddball Pens Paradox

See,I told you Dr Seuss is channeling me.

In grade school, I used to win awards for "outstanding" something-something or other. I bet my mother still has those things packed away in the cedar chest or hidden in the bottom of her undies drawer but I won't ask for them. They just don't mean that much to me anymore.

However, being an Observant Oddball is something I could wrap my heart around these days. Observing things, such as nature or machinery at work, has always fascinated me. The oddball thing just happens at times. The girls tell me how "crazy" I am all the time. Oddball sounds slightly less instutitionalize-able, doesn't it?

Pens= writing. 'Nuff said there.

Paradox should be part of my name. So many things conflict and confuse me, I feel at times as if I am being torn in two trying to follow my heart. Example: I think a woman should have a career outside the home if she chooses. I used to want one but find the demands of motherhood and being a wife too much when coupled with a career. But I miss earning my own money as old-fashioned and somewhat sexist as it might be. Oh well.

If the camera I'm used to using ever is left in reaching distance again, I will share pictures of quilts almost finished...possibly for sale even. The idea of a birthday getaway weekend in October sounds very relaxing and inviting to me but financing one is another story. Selling my quilts could possibly make that happen. We'll see.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

News, Needles, Name, Nonchalant

I really am beginning to feel like a ghost writer for Dr Seuss. It is kind of cool, in a weird, aspiring author sort of way.

N is for:

News, which there hasn't been much of. That is also how my father begins nearly every phone call to me..."Any news happenin' there?".

Needles. My former therapist told me upon the news I'd quit my job at joann's, "I thought pins and needles through your veins. Never thought I'd see the day when you weren't there." At the time, it seemed very odd to me that someone I'd known only in a professional sense for a short time would sum me up so quickly. Now, years later, I see what she saw. Hands never far from some type of needle, eyes drinking in color, texture and info, ears listening for the latest craft-related breakthrough. Even though the opportunities for me to be out interacting with other fiber-freaks are limited, I still find my most peaceful moments while working with a needle.

Name. My father named me, a spur of the moment change at the last possible second. How he came to my name, I've never asked and probably never will simply because it is a gift he gave me. He's not a gift-giving man. The name he gave me was unique all through school. I was the only "Jill".

Nonchalant Never really sure if this is me or not. I strive to be calm and unruffled in all situations.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Motherhood, Michigan and Merriment

What "M" entry would be complete without MOTHERHOOD? Currently, it is the largest portion in the definition of ME. How did I ever start my days without "good morning, Mama"? How will I function when those greetings are no longer daily, when they come via email or phone minus the hugs, kisses and giggles that help define my daughters? Wonderment I am sure every mother ponders at times.

"M" would be sorely lacking if I left out Michigan, our favorite vacation spot. 20 some years ago, I made my first trip to that state up north, visiting Warren Dunes with my high school girlfriend and her family, I fell in love with the idea of having an annual vacation spot. I really never had any idea that as a family, we would fall in love with the same notion or the same state. The girls have yet to see Warren Dunes but someday we will go I'm sure. Their favorite is of course, Mackinac Island. I liked that trip too except the bridge. Good thing Grams is not afraid of those beasties and doesn't mind indulging the sissies in the car by driving in the center lane.

Merriment. Used to be I was a very merry person. Full of wit and quick to laugh. I hope to find my way back there someday SOON.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Yesterday's flurry of letters was so that today could be for "L". Today would have been Lydia's 9th birthday. I do not mention our losses often because they are a very private part of me now. Lydia was born with Thanatophoric Dwarfism, a rare and fatal form of dwarfism. We found out early in my pregnancy but nothing truly prepares a parent for the loss of a child. The lessons Lydia taught us have forever changed who we are and how we do things.

L is also for the other Lydia in my life, my paternal grandmother. She was a knitter, gardener and one of the wisest women I have known. She died when I was 16.

Lynn is among my favorite "L" names. Hubster, 2 of our daughters, 2 of his sons and his eldest daughter all share a form of it as part of their names. It also happens to be one of my dearest friends in the world. Y'all know her as that blogless commenter. Hi Lynn!!

Love, Laughter, Longevity are among the words I hope will be used to describe me someday.


Monday, August 13, 2007


I have been a knitter for 31, almost 32, years now. That is a long time to play with string and sticks.

I have also been kicking myself for the better part of a week now for not snatching up the set of linen napkins I found at a thrift store for a buck. Plain white, spotless and they would have been fun to embroider.

Kidlets have always been a central part of my life. One of my first paying jobs was babysitting and daycare was what put food on the table and a roof over our heads when Hubster had open-heart surgery 7 years ago.

Kind is a word I like to have associated with my name. As are kindred,keeper and kitchenware.

Knowledge is power. Schoolhouse Rock said it loud and proud back in the day. It's still true.

Knucklehead is a word that has the power to make me giggle. Mental images are sometimes very silly.


H, I, J

Busy hands keep the devil at bay.

Happy is what I strive to be.

No one goes hungry around me. Eat until you are full is one of my many mottos.

Ignorance is something I do not tolerate well.

Insulation, I am thankful keeps us warmer during the cold months.

Inspiration is all around us.

J, my oldest daughter, who shares initials with me. And J is also my father and sister who shared initials with me until Jsis and I married.



Saturday, August 11, 2007

E, F, G

To keep Lynn calm, the next installment of ABC meme.


Well, E is my youngest daughter. There really is nothing more defining than motherhood, she is part of that definition.

Energy, something I lack most of the time.

Eyes. Mine are very expressive and take in all sorts of details. Very handy for working with color too, I might add.

E is also for Ems, my great niece way out in Washington whom I've only seen in pictures but love to sew for. Hi Ems! Aunt Jill loves you a lot! Tell Grams to send me new sizes if you need new dresses for winter church.


Food which I love to cook.

Family made up of more friends than actual family. Thanks gang. We love you bunches!

Friends: see above

Faith. Enough said there.


G really deserves a post all to itself but in the interest of getting caught up I'll just do it now.

GRANDPARENTS. I was very forunate to have all 4 of my grandparents as daily influences as a young girl and into my teens. One set lived next door (1/3 mile away) the others were just a few miles across the hills. From them, I learned many important lessons. Catching a baseball barehanded, sewing, knitting, baking, gardening. They shaped my interests far more than I think they could have grasped.

Grandparents are also a very important part of the girls' lives. The lessons they learn from theirs are both good and bad but important none the less. I am grateful to my father for his indulgences of time and patience and to Duck for every little thing she does for them. The stories they will tell their own children will shed light on the values you've both taught them, the examples set and the gifts given.


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dessert, Donuts, Dog

Dessert, a yummy treat.

Donuts, how I miss my grandma's warm donuts on a cold morning before school. I can make some that everyone says tastes like hers but they aren't hers.

Dog, does he own us or we him? He's old and not much of a watchdog anymore but we still love him.

Dad, that I love dearly. Being a daddy's girl has definite upsides. ;o)

Decisions. One of my least favorite things to do...make them. But someone must.

This meme really does put me in mind of Dr Seuss. Hey, that's another "D".


Along Comes C

Toting more abc words of me.

Canning that I did yesterday in 90+ weather. Green tomato relish, 6 pints plus a quart in the fridge and a pint gifted straight from the fridge.

Centuries that I've lived in. Amazing that to think most of us have seen 2 of them.

Cleaning. I hate it.

Computer. Love it, hate it at times. The world at my fingertips is both inspiring and discouraging at once.

Clutter see cleaning. It is improving, slowly.

Later today: D, maybe E and F if I can think that hard in the heat.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007


B is for

Babies, of which I have a few.
Bernina, that I adore.
Bananas whipped up into bread.
Books, many that I own. Or do they own me?
Batting and backing, without them, there would be no quilts.


Monday, August 06, 2007

ABCs of Me

Bella Dia started this great ABC Meme. What a great writing prompt especially since I am not inspired to write at all.


Angels: I have a few of my own. I believe they hold many protective powers along with other good things.

Anne: One of my very favorite girl names. 2 of my daughters share this as their middle names.

Apples: One of the few fruits I will eat in many forms: pie, raw, applesauce, muffins. You get the idea.

Athena: Greek goddess of wisdom and weaving (or is it Roman? I always mix them up!). Also the name of my Bernina Virtuosa 160, one of my favorite toys.

Anger: At times, I have more than my share. When I was a girl, I was always tormented about my redheaded temper. Used to make me that much more quick-tempered. Nowadays, I am more likely to do a long, slow, full-roasting burn before bursting into flames. Still not pretty and still very much a redheaded temper. But what'd ya expect...I am a redhead!

Age: It's just a number, folks.

Coming up, "B".