Friday, October 28, 2005

You Belong in Paris

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Absolutely! Nothing like a crossiant for breakfast, good cheese for brunch and an afternoon stroll through the museum to get a girl going. Finish the day off with window shopping and a possible flirt-fest with some incredibly handsome Frenchman and well, who could ask for more? LOL. Wait, I forgot the yarn and quilt shops. Sans le chat, of course. (Sure hope I've remembered my French correctly...I am not a cat person)

J, E and I went to the favorite quilt shop yesterday. I needed to get out no matter how tired I was. The trip did me good. My quilting muse has returned and I have scads of ideas floating for quilts now. Plus some new fabric was added to the stash. I hope I'll feel up to working on something this evening.


Blogger onewise___woman said...

since you are a quilter you might like "the Purple Pickle Club" It is a book I really enjoyed reading. It's a light, quick, easy fun read. And not too heavy to hold... I like to plop a couple pillows on my belly to help hold the hand that holds the book.
Sorry I can't remember the name of the author

10/29/2005 10:57 PM  

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