Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Madcapmum has one too!

Out doing the usual AM Blog surf seeing who has done something exciting. Madcapmum has a Double Irish Chain she is showing off. Beautiful work, I might add. Seeing hers reminded me that not so long ago I took some shots of my oldest UFO:

This is one of the first "real" quilts I made. The local quilt shop had a class for this particular design (taken from the "It's Ok if You Sit on My Quilt book") back when E was very small and I was doing daycare. The shop owner was gracious enough to give me PRIVATE lessons because I was the only one to sign up. Using the frame given to me by Duck, I decided to hand quilt the entire thing (twin size). Well, that only worked until E decided that the frame and quilt made a great place to hide from the 'rents while she did things she wasn't supposed to do. Like color on the wall with crayons, eat chocolate pudding with her fingers. You get the idea. So I took the frame down, packed the quilt away for a later time. I came across dug it out last week and discovered it is nearly done. Way closer to finished than I thought it was. Something like 2 center motifs and something for the border. Rather than set the frame up in a house with no room for a frame, I have decide to finish it by machine. But I have to clean up my table enough so I have room for a big quilt. Hopefully, it will be sooner than later.

There has been knitting going on. I have finished the Lorna's Laces socks. All but weaving in the ends that is. I am in love with LL's yarn. Plain and simple, tops the favs list, hands down. Also finished are a pair of baby booties and nearly the halfway point is the border on the baby afghan. Every day the weather has been great for photo shoots, I have either been outside on the swing trying to warm up or chasing extra children. The rest of the time, I have been resting after a painful spell of intense joint pain which lasted a week. Every joint in my body hurt...all it took was the thought of moving to make me flinch. In my mind, that was. Actual flinching would have been out of the question.


Blogger madcapmum said...

Hey, we're twins!

That strawberry fabric is awfully cute.

5/02/2006 4:02 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

Great quilt!

My first was a double irish chain too. Queen sized, pieced and hand quilted (six stitches to a yard-NO KIDDING!) and made of polyester. It's still around, the dog loves it!

5/02/2006 8:57 PM  
Blogger amanda said...

Jill that quilt is lovely! You really should finish it. I wish I had the talent for such intricate work but I think I'll hold off trying until the kiddos are older. Hope you are feeling better :o)

5/02/2006 10:40 PM  
Blogger jill said...

MCM and Amanda,
Thank you! Quilting is a hobby 10 years ago, I could not see myself enjoying. Must have been bad water or something because nothing changes my mood faster than a trip to the quilt shop. Well, a trip to a LYS would if we had one.

Jan...Nothing about you surprises me anymore. (wink, wink and wicked laughter) I embrace our twinness and find immense comfort in knowing there is someone JUST like me not far away. Now if you said it was similar in color, I'd get goosebumps but still laugh. ;o)

5/02/2006 11:17 PM  

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