Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February socks, pair 3

I feel like such a prolific knitter right now. Half way through the month and I have knit three pairs of socks. I finished up these yesterday for Rockin'R-girl. I believe you know the stats. My only deviation from the norm was using a round toe. I kinda like it, I think. I do not mind Kitchenering at all but felt I owed it to myself to explorer other methods. Now the big question is what to cast on for next. A trip to the library last night yielded Socks,Socks,Socks by Elaine Rowley, Folk Socks by Nancy Bush and The Little Box of Scarves by Melissa Matthay. If the bills ever stop piling up, I am going to get the Nancy Bush books and the Socks, Socks, Socks book. I am tired of requesting them from the library every few months and never getting a single sock cast on from them.

However, I did cast on for the Farrow Rib scarf from the box set. Whipped out 11" on it last night. Yeah buddy! I have a small stash of arcylic that is bothering me so I grabbed the white Simply Soft by Caron, size 8 needles and forged ahead. Nope, no swatching and I am not getting gauge but I do not care. Someone, somewhere will appreciate a handknit scarf. The current plan is to knit until I have just enough left to bind off. I wonder how many inches I can accomplish in the 3 hours before the mailman is due? I am sure that a certain person's box will arrive today. And I am certain that not only will it be stuffed to the flaps with goodies, but also I will need time to recover from the laughter I have been warned about. I am worse than a kid at Christmas.


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