Monday, February 13, 2006

February Socks, pair 2

Yup, pair two came out for a photo shoot. Notice the mismatched stripes? Miss E hasn't said a thing about them yet. Notice the weirdness going on at the heel? The bagginess above the ankles that seems to only be in the front? She does not notice the problems with them. In fact, she is prodding me to hurry up and finish Rockin' R-girl's socks so she may have another pair.

I think I posted the usual stats earlier for these but here's the recap: Addi Turbo, US 2, about 7 spi, Regia yarn, toe-up with afterthought heels. She has taken them off once since they came off the needles. And only then because her feet were "too hot".

Hubster continues to heal nicely. He's out and about, making the rounds about the neighborhood on his daily walks. He is still not sleeping much be has finally gotten the message that after 10pm is quiet hours. Now he sits in the living room, alternating watching the brain-drain box and my needles. He is anxiously awaiting his turn for new socks too. Yes, he claimed my unloved sock yarn from Liz as his own.Why am I not surprised? LOL.


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