Sunday, February 12, 2006

Yesterday, I hated the mailman

The medical bills are beginning to pile up rapidly. Yesterday, Brent, the most hated mailman in the world beloved deliverer of yarn and fun stuff, brought us a stack of bills totally over $500 and a jury duty notice for the Hubster. Jury duty isn't a problem, just really shouldn't have come in with the bills because that casts a pallor over the duty. I have no idea how we will come up with enough to cover these bills, let alone the following ones. We will muddle through, I am sure but it just adds to my stress level. Not enough knitting in the world to take it all away. Seriously.

Hubster is home and trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. We've shut the ringers off on the phone and are discouraging visitors because they always seem to show up just about the time he has gotten to sleep. Some people do not take hints well and are still bothering us. Big hint to everyone: if we do not answer the phone, there is probably a very good reason. Like we are not at home, we are up to our eyeballs in dishwater, oil or vomit OR we just do not want to talk on the phone. No answer is not an invite to call every 15 mintues or just show up. PERIOD.

There, got that off my chest. I did manage to finish E's toe-up pair of shit socks yesterday morning. She claims they are alright but honestly, they do not fit as I thought they would. They are tight to get on, the heels have these wonky nipple lookingears and I hate how the bind-off turned out. Despite all those flaws, she has worn then since they jumped off the needles. In fact, her first words to me this morning were, "Mama, my hands, face and body are cold but my feet are TOASTY WARM cuz I wore my new socks all night long!" (Probably because she could not, no matter what, kick them off.) I wanted to snap a picture of them but she is too busy to be bothered today just yet. I believe it brings my 2006 finished socks total up to 3 so far, not counting the baby socks. Can I keep up with Jane this year? I know there is enough yarn in the stash for at least 4 more pairs plus enough leftovers for E a pair or two AND the Yarn Aboard box will make it's way to me at some point. (Later than sooner, I hope. wink)

On the circs now are a pair of socks based loosely on the 56 Stitch Sock for the Rockin' R-girl. Usual Addi US2 Tubros, a Knitpicks Simple Striples yarn from the sampler I got before Christmas. I will hit the heel this afternoon and hope to finish them up tomorrow if Hubster is not pestering me too much and IF this migraine disappears without the help of my dear friend, the prescription drug.

Well, I must get the roaster oven pan soaking. 8 quarts of chili yesterday left that hard to clean ring around it. Yes, I said 8 quarts. About 6 quarts are in the freezer now to serve as microwave meals. Tomorrow, I will be fixing 15 pounds of chicken breasts with veggies in the roaster oven and freezing most of it for the same reason. Later in the week, the girls and I will do a mega baking party to fill part of the freezer with cookies, muffins and maybe cake to be used during the hotter months. Yeah, like I am really that organized. I try. I am making progress.

Pictures to follow at some point.


Blogger Tanya said...

Thinking of you and hoping things improve for you all soon.

2/13/2006 3:01 AM  
Blogger madcapmum said...

Oh my gosh. You're freezing baked goods now for the summer? I'm going to go hide in my corner and think of excuses why I shouldn't do the same.

You know, I've never been interested in knitting before, but now that I've met someone who knits warm socks, I'm starting to rethink it all. They're sounding awfully nice on these chilly evenings....

2/13/2006 8:33 PM  
Blogger jill said...

Yes, MCM, I am planning ahead. We see some fairly warm summers (90F) and since Hubster has so many health issues, we try to keep the house at a constant temp year-round. Baking and freezing the goodies now has several benefits: the house is warmed up by the oven when it's cold out and the freezer is fuller. Summertime will find us with goodies ready to grab for a day of hiking at the state park or a road trip.

Tanya, thanks so much. Hubster is feeling better but that doesn't stop the bills from piling up. Oh well.

2/14/2006 11:24 PM  

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