Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Do we really need a title?

I am dog-tired today. Draggin' butt pooped out. (There go some hits via google, right?) Hubster, as I may have mentioned before, is not an insomiac like what he refers to as the "Fiber Galpals". (If anyone can correctly guess who Hubster includes in that grouping, I will send you a small prize. HINT: there are three of us) So he lacks practice in being a true night owl--a quiet night owl at that. As his agony with the gallbladder increases, so does my need for "ME TIME". ME TIME has always, always been late at night while the house sleeps. I can move about steathily, sort laundry, fold clothes, do dishes, pay bills...whatever without disturbing the household. Not the Hubster. No siree, Bob. Ain't. Gonna. Happen. He's up, he's down, he's in the fridge, running water for a drink, in the bathroom, in the recliner, no now it's the rocking chair. Antique rocking chair that creaks and groans when anyone over the age of 7 plops into it. Then he's over to the on-its-last-legs sofa which groans and strains some more. Did I mention he talks the entire time? Late night is often when I get to have my fill of educational tv time. The History Channel, A&E, RFD TV...not CNN, Headline News, Cops or any other testostrone tv. Chatter, chatter, chatter is what I get. Silence for the entire day until it's 'quiet time' then BAM! He's off like the Beatles on their first US tour. I have threatened to sleep in the van, put him out with the dog...no lights come on to register he's heard a word. I suspect tonight will be no different. He's already laid claim to MY recliner. Mere inches left to go on the front of R's Guernsey and he's in my chair.

I'm a bit testy today. Stalking the mailman is never good. I am expecting several packages (one, the book I ordered from abebooks.com, the other my "surprise" from the Great Unloved Sock Yarn Swap). Did the mailman darken my porch today with even a piece of toliet paper junk mail today? No. Am I bummed? Yes. Factor in I am a bit stumped as to what I should send to my Yarn Aboard pal when the box makes it's way here. She blogs but I'm not finding any ideas that jump out and say "pick me, pick me!" Being this is only the second swap I've done, I want to do right by my pal...I do NOT want to be the awful swapper outted in blogland.

Hubster goes in Friday morning at 6:30AM, EST. Surgery is scheduled to start at 8AM. If you are up and your hands are free at that time, please join me in knitting a few rows for sanity. Thoughts, prayers and well-wishes will be accepted with glee and thankfulness. Curses, chants to the dark underlord and flaming bags of dog poop may also be welcomed by the time things get going, who knows?

Maybe some knitting content tomorrow...if I haven't wrapped myself in the stash and begun meltdown mode.


Anonymous Emily said...

Wishing your hubby's surgery goes well, and that you get quality me-time soon! P.S. Gotta love Cops.

2/08/2006 10:45 AM  

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