Friday, January 27, 2006

I think I want to be a designer

And I think I'd like to profit from my design IF it turns out as I see it in my mind's eye. Anyone with any experience as a knit-designer lurking out there? I'd love some practical, useful info on making my endeavor a success. I have a thousand questions (like should I have an attorney for this?) but am still working on the proto-type. What started off as a swatch/teach myself something new session has blossomed into an idea that will not let go. Jane, Jan, and Kris, I would like to see you as my test knitters if/when this comes together. Interested? You know how to contact me...we can work out the particulars when the time comes.

Hubster's surgery is on hold until a stress test is completed. Sometimes I think doctors are the dumbest 2-legged creatures out there. We've known for weeks that this surgery was needed so therefore, I think we should have known for weeks that the stress test would be required as well. Which means the damn thing should have been scheduled for this week but no, some doctor had his head firmly up his you-know-what so Hubster must suffer longer with this. ARGH.

For humor this week, we have the thieving little black squirrel who appeared at our feeder recently. The sparrows seem to have chased him off which gives me mixed feelings. Being a transplanted farmgirl, I miss the opportunities to see wildlife on a daily basis that the country provides. Whitetail deer, red fox, chipmunks, squirrels, groundhogs(woodchucks), etc were daily visitors to our fields when I was growing up. Seeing them taught me to both respect and marvel at nature along with lessons about ecosystems, predators and all that. I sometimes worry that my girls aren't getting enough of those lessons daily. So the absence of Mr Squirrely is greatly missed. He was a lesson for us all as well as an amusement.

Let's blame Madcapmum for stirring up the longing for the country life again. OneWiseWoman hooked us up and I am a devoted reader now. I'm just doing my part to expand horizons and broaden minds. Hey, OneWiseWoman...did you take your blog down or did I just lose the link?


Anonymous Jan said...

Baby Sister...I used to design and sell my own cloth doll designs. There are a few things you must do even before you start writing your instructions to PYA. Drop me a line and I'll fill you in.

Heart ya, sis!

1/28/2006 3:55 AM  
Blogger madcapmum said...

I was just watching my bad squirrels raiding our compost today. They sure are entertaining! Thanks for the link, and good luck with your design idea.

1/28/2006 9:12 PM  
Anonymous Kris said...

Girl... you need some squirrel guards. Squirrel guards are even more entertaining. Squirrel thinks he's getting some dinner and then the squirrel guard sends him flying. Great fun!

Sure...I'll test knit for you if you think my skill level is up to it. Afterall, I'm just a baby knitter.

1/29/2006 1:55 PM  
Blogger onewise___woman said...

my site totally baffles me....
one minute it is there the next poof....
also seems to do the same as yours... one time stuff is where its supposed to be then bang... falls to the bottom...
I am competely bloging challenged.

1/29/2006 3:42 PM  

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