Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mama's got a new trick

I just love it when the light bulb comes on...especially when it's blog related. After months of trying to figure out this simple neat html, it occurred to me to use the "view" and "source" features of my browser to see how others were doing it. D'uh! I had asked J, the teenage whiz, to figure it out for me and she couldn't. Double joy because Mama got to show off a bit. Oh yeah!

My energy level is really at rock bottom. I had plans to take some pictures of my latest WIP, the slightly messed up lovely Simple Stripes socks but I could barely drag myself out of the chair today so it will have to wait. I have used Knitpicks SS yarn several times (about 5, I think) before this and never have encountered this problem before: one skein was wound opposite of the other. My personal style is a little wacky and these were planned for me, so it's ok. This. One. Time. Maybe this will teach me to wind balls instead of knitting straight off the skeins. I doubt it. lol

And look! My blog is suddenly how it should be with the sidebar starting at the top instead of the bottom. What was that all about anyhow? It's a good day in blogland.

Thanks to my dear friend, Kris, for the info on the ebay guy with Addi Turbos cheap. Cheap is right! Next week, I'll be ordering some while muttering prayers of thanksgiving for her and a few that the knitting fairy will sprinkle some fun dust her way (and help sell her house!).


Anonymous Kris said...

Those Addi's are so cheap I'm about to blow our life savings buying cheap circs. Keep tellin' the hubby.... ya gotta spend money to save money. (heh heh heh)

12/28/2005 5:48 PM  

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