Monday, December 26, 2005

Darling J snapped this one snowy evening shortly after Thanksgiving. Turns out, we had a green holiday after all. Snow+Thanksgiving=Green Christmas. I hate old wives tales that come true! Oh well. The day was a wonderfully relaxing one, spent with the girls and Hubster. Honestly, I spent much of the day in bed, ache streaming from every cell of my being. Stress seems to trigger every single fibro symptom there is for me. In the week leading up to "the day" I had several migraines, stiff joints, aching muscles and exhaustion. Today has been much better!

Despite feeling so blah, knitting has been happening. R's Sweet Tart Bubble Wrap socks finished up Christmas Day. (Go see Sockbug for her free Bubble Wrap socks pattern) R has taken her socks and I may never see them again for a photo shoot. As soon as they were off the needles, she snatched them and ran upstairs. So I pulled out another color of Simple Stripes and cast on a pair of toe-ups for moi. Being annoyed with not being able to find the exact matching spots, I cast on just the same. I double-dawg dare anyone to say a thing about my "off" socks!

Santa did not get the memo about more Addi Turbos for me so I will be ordering them one at a time, I think. Yes, I know Knitpicks will ship free for orders over $30 but I sort of broke my own rule about no last minute holiday shopping and therefore blew out the budget. Don't you just hate it when that happens?! It was worth it though. They are only kidlets for a while and the magic must live on.

(and for the record: the kidlets are not spoiled. They are lucky if we spend $125 on each. A lot to us but skimpy by some standards.)


Anonymous Kris said...

Theres a guy on ebay who has Addi Turbos much cheaper than knitpicks and his shipping charges aren't bad either. His ebay id is jeff_wonderland. Another blogger linked to him after she had a good safe sale (I think it was Anne.... purlingswine) and I just bought some Addi's from him as well.

12/26/2005 10:18 PM  

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