Monday, December 19, 2005

This evening in the grocery store, I had this wonderfully worded post running rampant through my mind and wouldn't you know it...not a scrap of paper or a pen to make notes? I would like to say that the thoughts were about the holidays, filled with mushiness, bordering on inducing tears but honestly, I have not a clue what those fleeting thoughts were now other than the simple joys in life and the gifts of friendship. Today has not been a stellar or stand-out day by any means. I cleaned the oven and knit. Washed laundry, made the bed and did the dishes while fighting off the aches of fibro. Stress brings the beast out of hiding like fine chocolates can push a supermodel off her diet. I guess I might have been feeling sorry for myself a bit because between the stuff with my dad, fibro and the lack of holiday spirit, I just feel "blah". The mailman made a surprise delivery today from someone I "know" via the wonderful web. I consider her a dear friend, a blessing sent at the exact moment when a blessing was so badly needed. She has been a blessing more than once in the past year with her perfectly timed emails, surprise snail mail and giggles. I know she reads and I'm pretty sure she will know I'm talking about her so I will just say "Thanks. I love ya for all you do and for giving of yourself so freely. When I grow up, I wanna be like you!"

I must brag a bit more about the whole 2s2c thing. AMAZING dudes and dudettes! This is the THIRD pair in a week or 10 days. Hubster won't part with his long enough for a photo shoot (and refuses to let me shoot while he's wearing them) and E is living in hers. These are for R, from the lovely and talented Sockbug's free patterns done in Sweet Tarts using my new favorite toys: Addi Turbos. Believe it or not, these were cast on late, late last night/early this morning and are almost through the second repeat already. Yes, both of them. While it is a little late in the year to hope for Jane's 20+ pairs in a year, next year I will without a doubt be cranking out socks faster than you can say "Joe's your uncle"! E's socks were accomplished in less than 3 days and they were 2x2 rib from the toe to cuff (for the record, I'm not overly fond of toe-up.) R's socks are a rib-ish pattern which is easily memorized and knits quickly while watching the tube. J has asked that I not knit her any socks as she is not crazy about them. She has wider ankles and says hers never seem to stay up. I think I need smaller turbos for a finer fabric and then she'd like them. Oh, Santa....I know it's late to ask, but maybe, just maybe could have a late Christmas gift this year? Some US 1 and 0 Addi Turbos?

Well, tomorrow is another day. Another very busy day with stops at the UPS store, the bank and time with my dad. It is cold here, so cold the snowman want to strike, flee to Florida to visit Kris and AG for a bit before melting away. I will be layering up with my normal 4 layers plus my big, bulky winter coat before heading off to the white wonderland. I hope you are warm wherever you are.


Anonymous Kris said...

Stay warm. It's been quite nippy here (nippy by my standards, not yours). So imagine my shock when I went outside this morning and there were these little white things floating all over. I about died. I swore for about half a second that my prayers were answered. It was snowing. Snow.


Guy on the street behind me was burning trash. It was ash. Not snow. Bummer!

12/20/2005 5:29 PM  

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