Saturday, December 03, 2005

Forgive me readers for it has been too long since my last post. No real excuse for the slacking off either, other than it is damn cold out, I am tired and have been working hard. News on the frontier? Well, my new sweeper arrived, DH bought us a "new" dining table and chairs and my freezer now lives in my garage (as opposed to my father's basement). Knitting time has been cut to the quick with both the cold and the dreaded "W" word. (WORK) I have managed to knit 4 wee pairs of socks for my TLL box. My bag of sock yarn leftovers was starting to yell at me. You've heard it before: "DO SOMETHING WITH ME NOW". So I found several free patterns on the 'net and started to work.

Quilting has been pushing for fair time as well. I worked last week on actually quilting a small baby quilt, fell in love with the finished piece until I turned it over. Puckersville and then some. After conferring with my good friend, Sz, via email, I decided to leave it alone for a while and see if it really looked as bad as I thought. It looked that bad so I spent all afternoon picking the stitching out and will tackle it again this week some time. I made sure to find the masking tape for stretching the backing out good on the bathroom floor. (See, Risa, I do all sorts of stuff in there!!)

Yes, I mentioned work. I guess it's time to spill some beans. I've been doing construction work for the past few months. My dad asked if I could help him remodel (read: gut completely and start again) a friend's house so I said yes. If I don't feel like going, I don't. We have a lot of fun and I am learning a lot about building homes. So there.

Ok, I stole this from some blog...sorry, I forget which one. The Top 10 List:

10 Random things you might not know about me
1. I'm a redhead
2. I hate peas.
3. I love tomatoes.
4. I learned to knit when I was 6.
5. I hate cats.
6. I married a much older man.
7. Pepsi should be available in IV form for addicts like me.
8. I once sang for the Gov. of Ohio in the State Building.
9. I think of my angel babies every day.
10. I wish we could have more children.

9 places I've visited.
1. West Virginia
2. Pennsylvania
3. Kentucky
4. Georiga
5. Florida
6. New York
7. Indiana
8. Canada
and my personal favorite:

8 ways to win my heart
1. Be kind to my children
2. Dislike my mother
3. Enjoy my cooking
4. Admire my work
5. Show some intelligence
6. Show compassion
7. Be generous
8. Be passionate

7 Things I want to do before I die
1. Visit Paris
2. See Lynn's house
3. Visit Rach Down Under
4. See my girls be happier than they've ever dreamed
5. Hold my grandchildren
6. Take Duck on a hot air balloon ride
7. Own a longarm quilting machine

6 things I'm afraid of
1. Losing another child
2. being hungry
3. Dying before Hubster
4. Bats
5. Drunk drivers
6. Losing the ability to do fiber related stuff

5 things I don't like
1. Peas (weren't you reading?)
2. Tuna fish
3. Cocky people
4. People who refuse to change

4 Ways to turn me off
1. Interupt me
2. Ignore my opinions
3. Rudeness
4. Chewing with your mouth open

3. Things I do every day
1. Hug my girls
2. Kiss my hubby
3. Talk to my dad

2 Things that make me happy
1. knitting
2. quilting (This one really isn't fair...I have 3 kids who make me happy beyond belief)

1 Thing on my mind right now
1. Getting WARM.


Blogger Tanya said...

I feel for you re. the quilt problems. Sounds all too familiar with most of my quilts. One day I will remember to check what the back looks like before I've finished 8000 hours worth of sewing...

12/04/2005 8:32 AM  

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