Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yes, Virginia, I have a turkey

It's that time of year. My favorite holiday of all...TURKEY DAY. Why do I love T-day so much? Simply put, I love to cook a feast. Once, years ago, just days away from a scheduled C-section, I hosted Hubster's entire family (the OH based ones). Something like 50. No catering, no one was asked to bring a single dish. This year, it will be just the 5 of father may show up at some point but I always save him a plate no matter what. Hubster is fighting off a lung infection, E and I are battling nasty colds so we decided to keep things small. IF you can call a 20 pound bird small. Everything else is here, waiting to be prepped as well. We'll be eating left-overs until sometime in Dec, I'm sure. lol.

Finally got Athena her free motion foot so we can do some serious quilting. YIPPEEE!! I spent a large part of this afternoon practicing, enjoying her melodious hum and the soothing vibes she was giving off. I may try and tackle one of the crib quilts I've shared sometime this week. I did find that the purchase of some quilter's finger tips really helped improve my work. Cute little things really. Red, rubber-ish with nubs on one side. I could think of other uses for them but will refrain from being dubbed a 'naughty' girl by all blogland.

The neighbors (the Tomato Bandit and his lovely wife) are grandparents again. Little Corbin was born last week and is such a cutie. I whipped up a pair of wee socks from this pattern: baby socks Scroll down a bit because it's a freebie pattern for ordering the yarn. In my excitement of a new baby close by, I forgot to snap a picture of them before they went to warm Master C's little piggies. Of course, they were a beautiful blue(#70 on the color chart). I have a wrap sweater in the works for him as well, in a mint green. The pattern called for 2 skeins for the sweater but I really think I will be able to squeeze out the smallest size with only 1. He's a rather tiny guy at 7 pounds and something so I think the chosen size will do well for him until I can whip up another.

The doc bumped up my Lexapro last week and I think it's working. My joints are not nearly as achy as they were, but my muscles are still a bit ouchy at times. Am I surpised? Yes, quite frankly, I am. Normally when I have even a cold, I hurt so badly I want to just hide in bed. I forced myself out this weekend to accomplish some Christmas shopping and pick up some groceries despite the cold with wind chills in the teens. I survived!

I wish you all a full stomach and no heartburn this week.


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