Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Creating a little FO lust....well, maybe

Yes, another small quilt pieced in under a day. Thanks in part to super easy directions from Quilts For Kids to Love and to Hubster's color layout help. He may turn out to be a fiber artist yet. LOL. The pic really does not show the loveliness of this quilt...the center blocks feature girlie looking slippers and I used a coordinating fabric for one section of the striped blocks along with a purple and an apricot-ish one. Of course, this quilt top is already tucked into a box heading to TLL. Now that this latest top has been pieced, I have a mild case of startitis. Sure, I have a baby afghan on the needles, again for TLL, but I want to give some time to Athena and sewing. (Athena is my Bernina 160 Virtousa)

I do have a knitting FO to share at some point if E ever decides to model it for me. Her long-awaited, top-down raglan in Fushcia Lion Brand Wool Ease Sport. She picked the color with a slight push from moi one day at Tuesday Mornings. They had a 3 pack of it for under $8. Can't complain about a cheapo, handknit wool sweater now can we? The sweater took less than 2 complete skeins...the remaining partial may become a hat and mittens while the other unused is going to be up for sale either on ebay or something. I have no desire to work with that hot pinkish color any more. Make me feel cross eyed after a while.

The weather here is a bit scarey today. Very early this morning, we had a severe thunderstorm pass through and that just set the tone for the day: gray, windy, cloudy and rainy. Now we're under a tornado warning until 10pm est. November is NOT tornado weather here folks. We should be gearing up for either just rain or maybe snow. Oh well. The drab day allowed me to languish in bed off and on with a book, sort through fabrics and try to come up with a plan for the next piecing project.

Which is a bit hard for me to do...I have two beautiful stacks of good fabric from Duck that I'm itching to use but neither is saying what they want to become. One is the Gracie line by Judie Rothermel, which I just adore. Those 1930's repros get me every time but Gracie is a bit tall for every block I
thinkI want to do and I really do not want to fuss with resizing the blocks because then the others will seem out of scale, I think. I've toyed with doing something ultra simple like a nine patch and using Gracie as either the outer border or as the solid blocks between the nine patches. Maybe that's what I'll start tonight. Seeing it in print makes it seem a lot more doable than just mulling it over in my mind. Call me crazy.

At some point, I will be working on updating my favorite links, so bear with me as I tinker, this template stuff confuses me a bit. Who'd thunk it? LOL.

I have to thank you all for your kind, encouraging comments of late. I used to respond to each comment personally via email and hope to be able to return to that at some point in the future. I deeply appreciate the kindness you show, the prayers you offer and the fact that you find something here worth reading time after time. I am blessed by each of you. Thank you.


Blogger Jane said...

I'm behind on reading my blogs, so I'm coming late to say how much I like your recent quilt. Sorry to see you aren't feeling so well. Hope this passes quickly. I can't wait to see your latest knitting.

11/12/2005 12:02 AM  

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