Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Proof I Still Knit or Another Brag Session, Take Your Pick

Manly socks for my man. I love Hubster so much I tackled the whole 2 socks on 2 circs (AKA 2s2c) after much befuddlement and head-scratching. The things we do for love, I swear. LOL. Thanks to the free pattern at Knitpicks, I finally understood how this amazing method works. Vital stats thus far: KP's Parade in Checkers (choosen by Hubster himself), using one Addi Turbo and one Boye Interchangeable Size 2s, toe-up using Kelly Petkun's two at once, toe-up pattern. I am not too crazy about toe-ups because they still confuse and scare me a bit. Notice Hubster's wonky toes? Point made. But since this is HIS first pair of handknits, it seemed like the logical choice to get the perfect fit. He is happy so far. So far, I have used less than 2 skeins of Checkers but still have the cuff/ribbing to finish and then the heels to do. I have one skein of Checkers in reserve for the heels. And no, Hubster will not wear these out of the house. He is just weird like that. Other than the wonky toes, I like these a lot. The Parade line of yarn is just a smidge thicker than regular sock weight, which I like a lot. Notice how well the stripes are lining up? When I am knitting, the color changes do not seem to happen exactly at the same time but yet the stripes prove something is right.

In other news: baked a double batch of chocolate chip cookies today. The orginal plan was to tackle baking all day long with the kidlets but they putzed out on me after the first round so I have them ready to freeze until we have time to make another variety and some fudge. One BIL begs for my peanut butter cookies every year and since he is an OTR, he deserves some lovin' for the road. The kidlets made lists of folks who need cookie plates and want to send some to Gram and the parish priest there so we need to get our rears in gear!

More pics are coming, I promise. If any of you are blogger users and can walk me through how to change a few things, I'd be grateful. I want to add a link for the dreaded "100 things about me", "FOs" and "WIPS" along with "QUILTS" and must plead stupidity because I have no idea how to set this stuff up or where to find info to teach myself.

Stay warm and safe. Please remember to drive BELOW the posted speed limits in ice, snow and rain.


Anonymous Kris said...

OK... you are officially my hero. I can't figure out one sock on two circ's much less two on two. I've been taught and carefully instructed but it never seems to "stick". I think I just don't have the brain cells at this stage of my life. I'll have to try again when I can actually focus on something. Hmmmm... when will that be?

12/14/2005 9:13 AM  

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