Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another picture-free post. Sorry, you will just have to satisfy yourselves with this heart-felt, wordy rambling thing I am choosing to call a post. So there!

With the new year approaching faster than the bill collectors, I have been thinking a lot about things. Just things in general, not resolutions, goals or "must change, stop or start" things. Things like how lucky we have been in the past year, how blessed I am to have wonderful friends, loving children and talents. My girls are always on the front burner of my mind so this is about and for them.

Things I hope they will always remember about me:

My passions run deep.
Education is something to be valued and is a life-long pursuit.
Loving what you do makes it worthwhile beyond your wildest dreams.
Money buys THINGS, not love, honor or respect.
I love them with every ounce of my being.

Things I hope they are able to forget about me:

I am quick-tempered.
I'm too practical at times.
I'm overweight.

Things I hope they learn from me and carry with them forever:

A love of creating something on their own, whether it be fiber, textile, poetry, whatever.
A love of reading and knowledge.
Time is the best gift one can give or receive.
Family is what you make it. It is not restricted to bloodlines.
Age is a number on paper. You are only as old as you feel.
Generosity towards all, especially those you hold the dearest.
Charity goes along with that. I hope they remember that as well.
Being a strong woman is a good thing.
Crying can be a good thing too, although I never do it.
Laughter is many things: an ice-breaker, a healer, a tension short, it is good.
To make time for themselves as adults. Another thing I do not do enough of but still, I think it is important.

Enough with the mushy stuff for now. ;o)

Knitting is happening here at Chez Duckhouse. The opposite striping socks are now crusiing toward the middle of the cuff. And already, at least one person has requested them as gifts. Go figure. Mama knits herself some socks that are slightly wacky like her and everyone is in love with them. I guess we will see who they fit best when they are all done. I like the fit through the foot but am thinking the cuffs are looking a wee bit snug for my ankles. Oh well...time will tell.

Spent some time this evening coloring J's hair. I wonder if the older girls have any idea how lucky they are to have such a "cool and hip" mama. My mother nearly shit a cow croaked when I had my hair highlighted for the FIRST time in my twenties. Sure, I'm a natural redhead and stand out enough without help but still, I'd have loved the chance to experiment as a teen. So I make up for it by allowing the girls to do theirs as long as they agree to purchase the coloring kits and to either live with the results OR pay to have it fixed by a pro. So far, it's all been good. We've had slightly purple-ish hair on J once or twice but it was subtle, lovely blonde highlights for R that passed for natural on vacation. J and I have decided to let her color mine in a week or two. Maybe I'll let her do before and after pics. MAYBE.

Craft on!


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