Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yes, Jane, you really are an enabler. An encourager and wonderful friend too. Not only have you inspired me to knit more socks (LOL) but also to consider starting a KAL especially for tiny socks. See? I have even started trying to come up a logo. I know the flash glare makes it a little tough to read. It says "5 Tiny Toes x 2". I have no idea how to set up a KAL or even if it would take off but I will continue to knit up these small wonders.

Yup, two views. I am absolutely in love with these socks. The Baby sock pattern is easy to memorize which makes it a great zen-knitting pattern for me. Also is great for doctor office knitting, which I will be doing this week with Hubster. I have 'unvented' the pattern at times, using K2,P2 ribbing all the way to the toes. They look so incredibly tiny when I do that.

Next up are more FOs for 2006...4 pairs of kindergarten size mittens and a scarf. Technically, the scarf was started in 2005 but not finished until this month so it counts as a FO for this year in my book. That puts me at 15 FOs for the year. Hmmm....can I hold on to that lead? Only time will tell. LOL

Should I mention that I have also cast on for the child's Guernsey from Debbie Bliss' How To Knit book? I got frustrated when swatching for gauge and said "forge ahead regardless". Instead of the 6spi, I'm getting 5.5spi on size US6 using LB Fisherman's Wool. R has claimed this as hers and I have no doubt the largest size (pattern says 6-8 yrs, actual chest measurement 37 3/4 ins) will fit her 12 yo frame. I cast on for this January 8 and am 2/3 through the back already. There are times when I love stockinette!! I would love this pattern more if I had felt confident enough to convert it to be worked in the round but since I have heard mixed reviews of Ms Bliss' patterns, I opted to do as written. With the gauge change, of course.

Hubster is at the ER right now. J is at a sleepover so I had to stay home with R&E since they are still afraid to stay alone at night. I am so hoping for some quick, solid answers so I can retain my slim grip on sanity. made my day!! I am so glad to know others can understand it. So now I think I will make the most of having control of the remote, recliner and quiet. I am going to, what else? KNIT.


Blogger onewise___woman said...

I think I may have found your "secret twin"
something about her blog & your blog compels me to connect you

1/16/2006 2:35 PM  
Blogger madcapmum said...

You know, having a look at your projects almost makes me want to take up knitting myself! Do you wear home-knitted socks yourself?

1/17/2006 3:07 PM  

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