Saturday, January 14, 2006

Among the Living, I think.

The holidays really suck the life out of me anymore. Factor in the crazy weather we have been seeing here in hell SE Ohio and I am just a puddle of ooze in a chair. A knitting puddle of ooze without pictures to prove it but oh well. Best thing to come from the holidays (other than rest?)- a $5 gift card to Joann's from my baby sister. Used today to order Besty McCarthy's Knit Socks! book. Sweet deal I could not resist since JA was offering 50% off one item...I think I paid a total less than $9 out of my pocket for the book and shipping. I am still lusting/drooling/craving the Nancy Bush books, the Barbara Walker stitch libraries and the Socks,Socks,Socks books but will continue to pray I stumble across them at a thrift shop or real deal somewhere. I have two knitting books I would consider trading for any of these but I have to hunt up the proper titles. One is a Debbie Bliss "How to Knit" book and the other is a stitch library which uses only charts. I like charts but get too flustered and p.o'd with them at times to truly enjoy the book. Holler if a trade interests you.

Hubster is experiencing health issues again. Now the doctors think it may be his gallbladder. We hope to know for sure come Friday what it is and what will be done. Do I get bad wifey marks if I admit to hoping for a few days of hospitalization for him just so I can have a break from it all? Truth be told, he is driving me up the flipping wall lately. But to be fair, he is trying to pull his share of weight around here. It's just his inability to cope with insomina that is getting to me. I am an old, old pro when it comes to not sleeping. I have it down to a science. I read, I sip tea quietly, I knit, I watch the History Channel...I am QUIET. I STAY PUT. I do not feel the need to wake him up and explain that once again, I cannot sleep but please do not let me bother you. Yup, his exact words. Honey, a little hint: waking me up constitutes bothering me. Therefore, don't do it!

I set a new goal for myself this year....something I swore I wouldn't really do but that blasted nagging voice in my head talked me into it. Since Jane knit some ungodly amount of socks last year, I wanted to see if I could come close to her numbers. See what you do, Jane? Just stir up all sorts of commotion and trouble wherever you land. lol. My goal is to knit a pair of BABY socks each day...or until my stash of sock yarn leftovers is gone. Hubster thinks I am trying to hint for another pair of wee feet to inhabit Chez Duck but no, just adding to my charity box. The count thus far is 9.5 pair. Not too shabby considering I did not set this goal until mid-week. Whoo-hoo!

Other goals for the year:
Track all books read. Even the dull non-fiction stuff. So far, the book count is hovering around 4 plus several house plan books which really do not count as reading since they are all drawings. Duh.
Cook even more from scratch. I do a lot of from-scratch cooking and love to bake. Lately when I have cooked, I have made double or triple batches of stuff and froze part for our own 'microwave' meals. (Or toaster pancakes)
Knit from the stash. I know this is a popular one in blogland right now but for me, it is a practical choice. Money will be tight for most of the year thanks to the Medicare Prescription program coupled with other issues so using the stash is mandated for now.
Quilting and sewing from the stash until absolutely unable to proceed. Actually, the only things I can forsee needing to buy are batting and backings in the near future. I have assigned the older kidlets a charity project per month each. J hates yarn and really claims to hate sewing but does design beautiful quilts so she is piecing quilts and will quilt or tie one each month. R loves all things textile/fiber so she is knitting a garter stitch scarf.

About R's scarf: amazing the difference in stitch quality and knitting speed once I switched her from straights to a circ!! She told me "No more straights...ever! those things are the devil's creation". I have to agree. Her goals include learning to purl and work in the round. Patterns baffle her so I have no doubt she will learn to craft knit garments in a manner completely her own.

Well, I think I'm off to sip some ice tea and finish that .5 pair of socks. Craft on!


Anonymous Kris said...

That doesn't earn you bad "wifey" points, that earns you good sanity points.

1/15/2006 12:55 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

Glad to see I'm such a great enabler! Hee hee At one pair of baby socks a day, I think you'll soon surpass me, although I'm on pair two of "me" socks for the year already. Frankly, I have no idea how I knit that many sock last year!! I'm also trying to knit from stash only for a while, and it didn't help that one of the close LYSs sent me a "Monday sale" email. Drat.

1/15/2006 6:57 PM  

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