Saturday, February 04, 2006

February Socks, pair one

Fini! R's one skein sockettes jumped off the needles this morning at 12:14AM. Pretty good, eh? I have to admit I HATE these colors. Working with them was sheer torture, although it would appear not torture enough since these were finished in what, 3 days? Stats: Knitpicks simple stripes (I think it's call crayon?),star toe, 7spi, Addi Turbos US 2, 2s2c. Pattern link is given in post below somewhere. Will I make these again? Probably. Will I use the star toe again? Not until I can figure out why they seem so short. We'll see.

After the sockettes were finished, I fished around in the caddy for the smallest dpn I could find: US1, and cast on for a trial Jaywalker. Seems I am having a terrible time attaining gauge for anything. I have always done socks on US2s either bamboo dpns or the turbos and cannot get anything other than 7spi or 7.5 if I'm really lucky. Does not seem to matter how many needle sizes I try, I always end up with whatever the first swatch/attempt yielded. It is frustrating and discouraging to me right now, especially the thought of using dpns to knit socks again. I hate waiting for orders to come and I have not found any retailer nearby that sells Addis. :::boo hoo:::

Hubster is out of the house today! Which means I control the remote, recliner, lights...everything! I am letting the kidlets sleep as long as they want so I have some much needed quiet time. E is up but she is playing Barbies in her room and won't surface until she is ready to pass out from hunger. So TTFN!!


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