Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sometimes, Blogger really bites

I am hearing more and more about other Blogger users problems. The same stuff spread across a multitude of users should be ringing some bells at Blogger central. 97.5% of the time, I do not get my comments in my inbox, my sidebar goes wonky when I post at times and finding answers to my most pressing questions is impossible. Any suggestions? At least when I was with AOL, the journals were easy to use.

I shipped off my "victim's" box today for the Great Unloved Sock Yarn Swap. She should get it in a few days, maybe a week at max, depending on how the mail is running. I sure hope she enjoyes it more than I did! The yarn that is, not the swap. This is my FIRST swap of any kind and I sure hope it continues to be a positive thing. Beth has done a great job with this. There are 46 of us swapping...how cool is that?

Yes, there is still knitting happening here at Chez Duckhouse. Hubster's Watch Hill Buttondown is at a standstill until I can order more yarn. GASP. So much for the knit-from-the-stash oath. He yammered on and on about getting a cardigan of his own because he is always so cold anymore. So off to the library website I trotted to request some books (Men In Knits, Knitting the New Classics were the two frontrunners). When they arrived, he and I sat down together to pour over them. I am not even sure he looked at the Men In Knits book because the Watch Hill Buttondown caught his eye and that's what he asked for. He wanted grey and I wanted blue. I won that one! He wears grey every stinking day...tees with a flannel shirt over them. I'm sick of grey. Hubster spied some Paton's Classic Merino Wool in New Denim in my basket, picked it up to see how soft it was and asked me to knit up a "piece" (he doesn't get swatch just yet) so he could see how it would feel. Well, if I'm going to cast on, might as well be either to swatch or start. This stuff is amazingly soft and knits up like a dream. No splitting or knots...just smooth knitting. So far, I am 2/3 done with the left front and am now out of yarn. So Friday will see me placing an order with Discount Yarn Sale to complete his sweater. Should I mention that he has already requested TWO more sweaters? One for each of his football teams: the OSU Buckeyes and the other for his Pittsburgh Steelers. Good thing he doesn't mind when I order yarn.

In other knitting news, Rockin' R's Guernsey is cruising along rather speedily. The back has been done for some time now and the front is nearing the pattern/design portion. Then I will do both sleeves at once and be done with it. I am constantly drawn to Aran and Guernseys...I see more in the future, possibly for the entire family EXCEPT The Amazing J. She doesn't like sweaters. Someday, she will beg for a warm, handknit sweater, I just know it.

Say a prayer for dear Kris and her family as they prepare to move from Florida to Washington state.


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