Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bargain shopping ;o)

Hubster is worrying about his sweater being done before the book is returned to the library. He does not remember that a)I can renew the book IF no one else has a hold on it, b)I can knit faster if he mans the house for a few days and 131)books are sold on the internet all the time. Back in the fall, TAJ needed some new books for schooling so we started scouring the web for affordable math texts. Amazon and the usual homeschooling sites were simply too expensive in our opinion but we stumbled across Abebooks. Talk about a book lover's dream! TAJ has ordered from them several times (she takes Barnes and Nobles' online courses at times and needs books for them) but I haven't had the pleasure of ordering for myself until today. Yes, I borrowed the picture from was in my picture folder so Hubster could remember what the book looked like should he and TAJ decide to order it for me one day while I was gone. yeah, like there is a snowman's chance in hell of that happening Back to my shopping for the day. I had a semi-good week on ebay: earned enough to ship a mountain of boxes (some ebay auctions, some not) and still have JUST enough left to order my book from abebooks! I mean, just enough...change to spare.

So now all that I need is the yarn. I will order it bright and early Friday morning from Discount Yarn Sale and wait. I doubt the yarn will make it here before I need waiting room knitting. The Guernsey for Rockin' R should be cruising towards done about this weekend sometime....the front has now reached the patterning stage, I hope to finish it today. The sleeves will cast on immediately after the front is BO. What will I do? I have two hanks of Knitpicks dye-it-yourself sock yarn and have been toying with either using it for Clapotis (yes, I am the ONLY knitter left in cyberspace who hasn't done it) or diving into the acrylic stash for a charity sweater. Any suggestions out there for a stunningly beautiful yet semi-mindless portable knit I plan to do while waiting for Hubster to come out of surgery?

Yes, his stress test is scheduled for tomorrow morning! We have been told to hope for a surgery date in the following 15 days. Personally, I suspect it will be more like the next 7 days given Hubster's pain level, status among the local doctors and the surgeon's promise of a quick date once the stress test was done. No matter when it happens, I must have some KIP stuff since there will be no one keeping me company in the waiting room. And no, that does not bother me in the least. I have done this so many times alone, company would probably make me either nervous or pass out from the feeling that I must entertain them. You all know what I mean.

Mount 'o' Dishes awaits, as does the layer of flith on the floor, the stinking pile of laundry and school. Anyone want to guess how much of those things I will do before I pick up the needles?


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