Sunday, February 05, 2006

File Under "Someone had too much time on their hands" OR WTF?!

This morning, while doing my daily blog stalking, I stumbled across this at Mimi Smartypants' blog: 2. It is possible to cook an egg with two cell phones. Of course, being the curious creature that I am, I dashed off to see what the fuss was about. Please, go and see it for yourself. Consider the laughter my gift to you. That is, if you laugh about it. I found it hysterically funny that someone would be so inspired to try this at all. I've seen a lot of odd-ball cooking in my time (iron to make grilled cheese, open soup can on the manfold while driving, propane torch to make whatever, etc) but this takes the cake. Who knows, maybe that will be their next published "tip". (Note: Mimi Smartypants is not the person referred to in the title. She merely found it and put it in her blog. I enjoy her stuff a lot)


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