Friday, February 10, 2006

Stalking the mailman is such a GOOD thing at times! Our regular man, Brent, is so punctual and has been for years. No later than 1:15PM except for the 3rd of the month. He has been our mailman for over a decade now, used to date one of my friends,blah,blah,blah. Today, he even knocked on the door which is rather unusual for him. I think he saw Liz's notation on the package "home of unloved yarn". While I have thanked Liz via email, I forgot to let her know that this yarn is probably going to be claimed by Hubster for another pair of socks. I'd love to use it for myself (something cable-ly and detailed) but I know he likes "manly" colors so I will be nice to him. But just this weekend.

Speaking of Hubster, he's doing well now that he is sans gallbladder. Up and about, chasing nurses and the food cart. He should come home tomorrow. His coming-home dinner order has been placed: chili and cornbread. Ok, can definitely do that as long as he lets me fix chicken, mashed potatoes, noodles and biscuits on Sunday.

KIPing is such a very cool thing. I have said that many times. I keep a bag packed for the waiting game as I call it. Paper, pens, pencils, needles, calculator, yarn, etc. so I am ready to go. This morning, while I worked on Miss E's socks (have I said how much I hate toe-up? But how mindless they are to a point?) in the waiting room, an older lady came and sat next to me to chat. Very nice lady and the conversation was nothing short of amazing. The topics ranged from crafting, sewing machines and knitting to kids, grandkids and grandparents. The knitting portion is what really stands out to me. There I sat, watching the local AM news while working some 2s2c magic, feeling very calm and centered. This stranger who was really very nice told me that she could never KIP because it is something that requires much concentration for her. A Q&A session followed. How long have I been knitting? 30 yrs. She remarked that she knew I was a "pro" because the work was exquisite. Well, I dunno about exquisite but I thanked her for the compliment and the conversation turned to learning how to master new knitting techniques, teachers, etc. I found it amazing that this woman was shocked to find out I have only had one "teacher" in my entire knitting life: my late Gram. I guess it goes to show that being taught anything by someone truly passionate about something helps to instill confidence and creativity. My gram was the consummate knitter, meticulous about her work, giving of her talents and willing to share her knowledge with those truly interested. How she knew my 5 yo brain was truly interested, I will never understand but she did. I realized again today was a wonderful gift she gave me all those years ago and that by continuing to ply my craft, just how much I honor her memory. I know she is smiling on all I have accomplished and managed to teach myself.

Whoa, sort of jumped the track there. Back to KIP. Never let anything stop you from doing what you love. KIP helps keep me sane because I am one who cannot just sit. It also gives me the amazing opportunity to speak to people of all ages. This morning, I spoke to several other older women about knitting and found it alarming that they no longer knit because they lack the courage to frog it and start again or to jump off into unknown parts alone and forge ahead blindly. Made me feel smug and oddly somewhat superior which I did not like at all. Maybe one of them went home and dug out the needles again least I hope so.

Liz pointed out we share a thing about ducks. She keeps a flock and I keep mentioning them. Maybe I ought to explain since some blog names always puzzle me until I know the story behind the name. When J&R were small, having 4 grandmothers and keeping them straight was rather tough. My remaining grandmother is Nana thanks to the triple GR beginning (Great-Grandma Gr--- is a bit much for a toddler). Hubster's mom has always been "Florida Ice Cream Grandma" because she winters in FL and always has ice cream money for the girls. Egg Donor (my bio-mom) is Meme and the remaining Gram is Grandma Duck because she is the gram who takes them to feed the ducks at the pond. For some reason, we adopted the DUCK as our pseudo-family name.(Gram Duck is an adopted member of our family who is more family than the bio ones!) Little rubber ducks are our mascot because they are sometimes easier to find than other types in the store. Every single gift box for the past 10 years, at least, has had a rubber duck of some type in it. It is a full-blown obession for us. In fact, I have 2 different duck things picked up on clearance sitting on my desk right now waiting for their trips to Michigan and Gram's house. As for my true blog title "Just Another Creative Thing To Do", that comes a bit from Egg Donor's constant comments about my quest for knowledge about knitting, quilting, fabrics, cooking and writing. I've always been the creative one and she was often overheard telling people I was doing another creative thing. Blogging is nothing if not a creative endeavor for me. Yes, it is truthfully and journalling but I strive for humor and creativity in all I do. So there!

Ok, I am going to enjoy my QUIET evening alone! I'm putting my favorite high-thread count sheets on the bed, cleaning the tub so I can soak in perfect surroundings. Then I will tidy up the kitchen, fold the remaining laundry and get things ready for tomorrow. Oh, and I have to finish packing Jan's box so it can go out tomorrow before the big snow storm hits us. I did not forget, I just got delayed a day longer than I thought!


Anonymous Liz said...

30 years? Wow. That is seriously impressive, says someone who has only been knitting for about three years.

My grandma didn't teach me any crafty things, but my love of gardening and cooking comes directly from her. It's so nice to be able to do these things and stay connected, even though she passed away a couple of years ago.

Glad Hubster is doing better. :)

2/12/2006 10:26 AM  
Blogger jill said...

Thanks, Liz. It has only been within the last 15 or so years that I have really gotten serious about knitting. By serious, I mean branching out and trying new things. When I was in jr high, I did the usual "basic" knitting: stockinette and garter stitches. Knit my 7th grade English teacher a baby sweater, hat, booties AND afghan for her first child, my sister a sweater, etc. Now I am more adventuresome. Cables without needles? Bring 'em on. Detailed stitch patterns? I will try least once. Twice if it tastes good. (I love Garfield!LOL)I no longer fear a visit to the frogging pond at all.

My grandparents were driving forces in my life. Now that I'm a mama, I really see how much of THEIR influence has carried over. Little things long forgotten surface in the least unexpected ways and places. Having that connection is a blessing.

Yes, Hubster is doing better. He slept today, finally!

Glad to see you here. Come back often!

2/12/2006 7:15 PM  

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