Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Makes me wanna yell "MAIL TIME"....
That blasted Blues Clues song has been running through my mind all afternoon. Mail call today was good. My order from, a bill, and a survey check all came today. The check is going to the yarn budget since it is not part of the official budget and therefore "fun money". The older kidlets were treated to BK and a movie last night so I should feel no guilt about spending a little on yarn, right? WRONG! I am such a penny pincher as I age, I refuse to buy things unless I feel they are a great deal. I refuse to pay shipping costs which seem extreme. Yes, I even sit down and figure out how much it would cost me in gas to drive to xxx-city to browse and buy for myself See, I have a thing about being able to touch yarns and fabrics before I buy them. Maybe that is where the true problem lies?

Anyhow, arrived today and it appears I have a slight problem finding the courage to order yarn. Even the yarn to finish Hubster's Watch Hill Buttondown. I also have a problem feeling confident I will pick the correct subsitution for any project in this book. I love, love, love something like 90% of the designs in here. E has choosen a summery cardi for herself. Problem? The pattern calls for worsted-weight cotton and I am clueless. Can I use Lily's Sugar and Cream or should I find something else? And does anyone else's kidlet have an aversion to buttons? E refuses to wear anything with buttons and requests I leave the buttons off this cardi. Which I will, if I ever find the perfect yarn.

I fell asleep this afternoon rather late, so dinner is now late. Maybe I should finish cooking dinner before part of it burns???


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