Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dr J To Surgery, STAT!

J brought me her favorite pj bottoms this evening, proclaiming "They need surgery, STAT." Which brought out this from R: "You know how to sew. Fix them yourself. Ma's busy." I swear, they get this from their father. The very same man who will sit complaining loudly about the hunger pains rather than fix his own PB&J. The bickering about the pjs went on for a few seconds, evidently because they thought I would just drop everything and DO.IT.NOW. So not happening, dudettes. I'll slide up the machine in a minute or two (3 hours AFTER being asked), use blue thread instead of the required white because I am too lazy to re-thread Athena and then I will haphazardly stitch said bottoms back to some form of wearability. Never forgetting that J is an award-winning sewist in her own right, she can pin and sew a simple seam easily, that they are HER pants. Also, never forgetting that it is a mother's job to mend things.

Just don't ask me to fix your tennis shoes....


Anonymous Jan said...

"Just don't ask me to fix your tennis shoes...."

Iron patches don't me. Duct tape is much better.

On my way out the door. It's vacation time!

9/17/2006 9:34 AM  

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