Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Like most bloggers, I am touched deeply when someone takes the time to leave comments. Especially when the comment is filled with kind words such as this one left by Ingrid after my last post:

Unfortunately Jill, I haven't knitted since I was about 15. But I am feeling very inspired by all the wonderful things I see knitters making and especially your socks. In fact I have been thinking about socks a lot of late because as I said my daughter is a bit fussy in the sock department. I have been trying to learn to crochet but my mum keeps telling me that knitting is easier, so I am about to take the leap. And luckily we are about to head into summer here, so I will have quite a while to get my knitting up to speed and produce something wearable by the time the weather gets cold again.
I will keep popping back here as I always feel inspired by your lovely creations.

Ingrid's words sent my mind back about 20 years, to the time not long after we lost my knitting grandmother and how I swore off the needles when grief and frustration overwhelmed my mind. See, the connection between knitting and my grandmother for me is as strong as air and breathing, even to this day. For almost 10 years, the most difficult thing I knit was dishcloths. Simple, garter stitch dishcloths was all I had the confidence for despite a deep, undeniable yearning to create something much more, something bigger, more complex like socks. Now as a semi-mature knitter, the thought of socks being complex makes me laugh out loud. Dpns no longer send shivers of fear down my spine or cause me to break out into a cold sweat as they once did. Now they produce a giddy, fearless feeling akin to the sensation I remember from mastering a bicycle. Much like riding a bicycle, knitting is something that for me, is not forgotten no matter how many years passed before picking up the hobby again. Someone once told me that to possess that ability is a sign of true talent. While I cannot attest to that, I do know that knitting comes easily for me as a whole.

Darn it! I just get into the groove and someone knocks on the door, blowing my train right off the track. At least it was a good mail!! A box! I'm trying desperately to hold off until school is over for the day to open it but since I have a hunch it is my Yarn Aboard box, I doubt I will be able to resist for long.


Blogger ingrid said...

"Now they produce a giddy, fearless feeling akin to the sensation I remember from mastering a bicycle."

Oh Jill, this comment hit home for me! I did pick up the needles the other night and had ago at casting on. It wasn't too succesful but I did get just a tiny glimpse of the feeling you describe. I hope it hits full force soon.

9/06/2006 7:45 AM  

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